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Dental and Orthodontics

The Paediatric Dental Department is primarily a tertiary referral centre for children with complex medical, behavioural or learning problems. The most frequent referrals include:

1. Trauma—both soft tissue and dental/alveolar.

2. Infections—including children with severe facial swellings which may cause respiratory issues.

3. Children with dental decay who require multiple extractions who require hospital admission. These are usually children who need 6 or more teeth extracting, below 3 years of age or have weight issues either too low or too high.

4. Routine Dentistry is provided for our patients, both on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

5 General anaesthesia is available for those children who are unable to accept treatment whilst awake; they are usually children with special needs.

6 We liaise closely with our medical colleagues and all treatment is carried out after consultation. If inpatient care is needed then this will be arranged accordingly.

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