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Craniofacial Services

Christian Duncan, Craniofacial SurgeonHeadspace is a groundbreaking project led by craniofacial surgeon Christian Duncan (pictured above) to develop a comprehensive database of human head shapes using state of the art 3D photography.

This is a world first, and the data collected during three months at the end of 2013 provided a leap forward for research into life-changing Craniofacial surgery.

How Headspace worked

We collected more than 1000 images during our project which was set up at FACT in Liverpool city centre.

Our specially designed 3dMD five-camera photo booth took a 3D image of each person’s head in less than a second, and images were used to form a part of a research database. Each participant’s image was used to form part of an ever-growing ‘Headscape’ on the Headspace website.

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