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Join our SCORE Project!

Get involved in after school activities for young people aged 6-16

Alder Hey are working in collaboration with the Liverpool FC Foundation, Little Yogis Yoga, ComMutual Firefit, Merseyside Dance Initiative and Music Therapy from music practitioner Georgina Aasgaard, to offer you fun and free after school activities of your choice in a range of venues across Liverpool.

Funded by the Health Foundation, our SCORE project is broken down into five key areas:


S Set goals for 12 weeks

C Commit to a 12 week program which is completely free. Please stay for longer if you enjoy it.

O Optimise asthma control

R Reinforce an active lifestyle. Pick a weekly activity to attend for 6 weeks. On your 6th session Alder Hey physiotherapist Claire Hepworth or nurse Helen Hannigan will come and see how you are doing. We will ask if you would to stay with that activity for another 6 weeks or whether you would like to change. At 12 weeks we will invite you to a clinic to see if you have achieved your goals.

E Enable to achieve


Important note for participants

Please bring along your salbutamol inhaler (blue) and spacer as well as your attendance card (to get a sticker) for each activity you attend.


Contact details


What’s App phone number: 07976209263


The What’s App group

The what’s app group you will use with your parents will have details about when and where the rewards are.

It will also inform you on extra family sessions such as yoga, relaxation and mindfulness, as well as parties and workshops.



Will run every week at the same time and venue unless otherwise stated on the What’s App group.

Every time you attend the activity you will receive a sticker

Activities available will be discussed on your first clinic appointment and include:

Football, dodgeball, games, yoga, dance, learning to play a musical instrument, rapping.



4 stickers = medal

6 stickers = reward.

12 stickers = Alton Towers trip

18, 24, 36,42, 48, 54, 60 stickers = extra rewards

All rewards are free and will be on weekends, evenings or during holidays.

If you do not fancy the next reward, you can save up your stickers to attend another reread, or opt for a Love to shop voucher.

You must attend the 12 week clinic to be able to go to Alton Towers.


Reward calendar

Date                                Reward

March 2018                    Bubble football

April 2018                       Climbing walls

June 2018                       Bowling or cinema

July 2018                        Alton Towers (must attend 12 week clinic)

September 2018             Archery tag or inflatable darts

October 2018                  Bubble football or UV football

November 2018              Spring city trampling park

January 2019                  Bowling or cinema or Knowsley safari park

February 2019                 Alton Towers

Click here to download your SCORE Rewards Card!



The workshops will be run by the SCORE Alder Hey team on resilience, understanding what it is like to have asthma, anxiety, breathing exercises and much more.

Double stickers are rewarded for attendance at the workshop.



Details on how to become a ComMutual Firefit member, please ask any member of staff for details

Details of yoga classes see Emma on

Details of dance classes see Maxine on

Details to continue with music, contact Georgina on

To continue with free football by Liverpool FC foundation contact Tony on 07834757691 or see for details

To have a month free pass for Taekwondo at Cardinal Hennan High school (L12 9HZ) please email Jimmy on and mention you are part of the Alder hey asthma group.


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