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Celebration Event To Say Goodbye To Alder Hey

CELEBRATE-ALDER-HEY-POSTERAlder Hey will say goodbye to its current hospital with a celebration event on Friday 18th September.

Alder Hey will be moving into its new hospital, Alder Hey in the Park during a five day move from 2nd to 6th October. The new hospital will bring together excellent care, technology and design to provide the best possible healing environment for children and their families.

Before moving to the new state-of-the-art facility, staff, patients and families will be given the opportunity to say goodbye to the current hospital, which has been home to thousands of staff and patients for over 100 years.

The celebration event will take place in Alder Hey’s Education Centre and will include a number of activities such as a free BBQ, a face painter, a magician and a performance by the Alder Hey staff choir.

Attendees will also be invited to write their Alder Hey ‘thank yous’ and memories of the old hospital onto a ‘Memory Tree’ which will be displayed in the new hospital ‘Alder Hey in the Park’.

A former Alder Hey patient and avid fundraiser for Alder Hey Children’s Charity will be the first to leave a memory on the tree.Born with a Cleft, Lip and Palate and Osteomyelitis, Mark Peers spent his childhood in and out of Alder Hey and has had over 100 operations. A bone infection in his right leg meant that his bones stopped growing prematurely and this resulted him having his right leg amputated when he was just eight years old.

After overcoming all these difficulties, Mark was determined to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Charity. Over the last 12 years, he has done all he can to raise thousands of pounds for the Charity by selling raffle tickets, collecting money and taking part in various challenges and events. In 2014, Mark trekked 30 miles across the Great Wall of China for Alder Hey and is preparing to walk along Hadrian’s Wall in September. He has also signed up to the Charity’s Grand Canyon Challenge in October 2016.

Mark said: “The hospital has held so many memories for me over the years so this event is a great opportunity to celebrate that. I am thrilled that I have been asked to be the first person to write a memory and I can’t wait to do so.”

Louise Shepherd, Chief Executive at Alder Hey Hospital said: “As we prepare to move to our new hospital Alder Hey in the Park, it is important to take some time to look back on all we have achieved since our hospital began over 100 years ago. We hope as many of our patients and families as possible are able to join us in sharing the amazing memories we have created here and celebrating the next exciting step in Alder Hey’s journey. ”

The event will take place on Friday 18th September at the Alder Hey Education Centre between 4.30pm and 7pm.  All are welcome.

More information about the new hospital will be available over the coming weeks on this website and on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Alder hey hospital has help me get better since I was little girl I spend so months in there n even goin 2 appointment thereI will miss old hospital but I no the new hospital is little girl got go tge hospital coz she got big kidney.

  • I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff in the heart department when my baby jake was born he had a shortening of the heart valve and a memer the staff and specialists were brilliant even when he wouldn’t keep still for echo graph they were all friendly and helpful regarding his adhd he has regaler appontments with Dr desoysers team to manage his adhd jake had 4 teeth out and a brain scan an again the staff were fantastic with him thankfully we have only visited A an E twice once for a golf ball lump an when jake wanted to find out what persil liquid tabs tasted like an again A an E staff were fantastic with him I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the heard work you do to help our kids I wish all the new department in the new hospital the very best of luck the new hospital looks amazing thank you again love Nicola Griffiths and jake Griffiths xxxxxxxx

  • We will be sad to see our old hospital knocked down , as nurses we have such a lot of memories there but of course we are happy for all staff and patients who will enjoy this lovely new hospital. Hope the move goes smoothly and look forward to having our next reunion in the new hospital. Good luck to all.

  • How I wish I could be there … you looked after my Goddaughter so well … she’s one year old now … and I am so proud of her and the work done at Alder Hey. Thank you all.
    Happy moving days!

  • it will be 30yrs to the day since I first went to work as a nurse in alderhey.. I have seen many changes good and not so good!
    This move is what our children deserve the best facilities the best of care .. Long may alderhey continue . always going on to bigger and better acivements .. I have very fond memories of the old alder hey but look forward to the new hospital with great expectation .. Love to all who have been a part of alderhey old and new xxxxxx

  • I moved from Mrytle Street children’s hospital in 1990 to Alder Hey and now we are to move to the New Alder hey hospital. Over the years I can honestly say the dedication of the hard working staff is second to none. We still have more memories to make. Let’s hope the move runs smoothly.

  • Thank you!! A & E for your quick response and the diabetic team for my sons on going care. Scary 1st 4 days of living with type 1 diabetes spent on the ward under the care of great nurses and consultants. Looking forward to seeing the new hospital on our 3 monthly outpatients visits. Thank you Alder Hey x

  • It is not a building that makes a fantastic hospital, but the patients and staff. We can take our new hospital onward and upward to great things. Heres to the next 100 years!

  • The gratitude our family feels for this hospital and it staff is indescribable. Our son has recieved the best care throughout his life and I have no doubt he will continue to do so in the new hospital.You give us hope and faith when no one else can. Thank you just isn’t enough!

  • I was a patient there in Alder Hey in the middle 50s after being run over by a double Decker bus at the age of nearly six. The surgeon saved my leg from being amputated. The last lot of skin grafts were when I was thirteen. I’m 64 now and my leg muscle is starting to go now and I’ve got osteoarthritis arthritis in it now. I can’t thank the surgeon enough and the care and love the nurseing staff gave. Happy memories I haven’t forgotten. Good luck in your new hospital and God bless you all. My name was Carol Banner and I live in Runcorn.

  • I originally started my Nurse Training at Alder Hey 45 years ago then, after moving further North (to the North East) to complete my General Training, returned to Alder Hey over 35 years ago to take-up a post on full-time night duty. Although I subsequently left that post nearly 2 years later to concentrate on gaining further qualifications as a Youth Worker, which I had always done voluntarily whilst nursing, I returned, again, to the Paediatric Nurse Bank in the mid-late 1980’s to help supplement my grant whilst an Undergraduate in Higher Education. By that time, I was a single parent to a small child ~ my daughter, Emma Louise ~ who had been diagnosed with Special Needs (Learning Disability with some minor Physical Disabilities) due to a congenital brain dysfunction/damage by the excellent CDC (Child Development Centre/Dr Rosenbloom and his team) when she was 4 years old and the Paediatric Nurse Bank offered more flexible hours that fitted in better with being a single-parent to a young child with such specific needs. Even when I had to eventually leave nursing to devote my time to caring for and raising my daughter, my association with my Alder Hey did not, obviously, end there: apart from out-patient appointments at the CDC on a regular basis over 5-6 years, she also had grommets fitted for ‘glue-ears’ (ENT day case) when she was 4; had extensive urinary tract investigations when she was 5 (Urology) when she was found to have a duplex kidney and ureter on one side; and was later hospitalised in 1994/when she was 10 for just over a week with an infection in the muscles on one side of her neck, which was the result of her having had tonsillitis and also resulted in complications from the infection spreading to her [duplex] kidney. That was the last time she was a patient at Alder Hey. Thus, my association with Alder Hey was long and varied: as staff and as a parent with a child who has been in need of this amazing hospital; and spanned, until that point in 1994, nearly 25 years. I have so many memories from both perspectives, most of which from my days of living in the Nurses Home will remain ‘secret’ but, suffice to say we worked hard and played hard, finding our own way around the quite strict rules that were in force in the ‘good old days’ of Nurses Home living!! Sadly, my daughter lost her life at the age of 23 in a Road Traffic Collision over 8 years ago and for the last 8 years I have had cause to use the services of The Alder Centre ~ a Centre of [true] Excellence just like the hospital in which grounds it is situated ~ as a bereaved parent. More recently, I have completed the CDH Volunteer training and was absolutely amazed to find, when I was undergoing that training, that I had actually applied to be a volunteer at the Alder Centre when it first opened, which was around the time I had to give-up my last post as a nurse at Alder Hey. I was never able to take-up that volunteer post years ago but, must be the longest ‘serving’ volunteer applicant! Thus, my association with and interest in Alder Hey, in one capacity or another, spans 45 years to-date and I often sit in the Alder Centre Garden ~ a virtual oasis of peace and calm, set-aside from the main hustle-and-bustle of but in the grounds of the main hospital and housed in part of what was the old Nurses Home ~ with my ‘memories’ of this amazing hospital which span all those years. I’ve followed and witnessed with wonder, too, the building of the new Alder Hey in The Park and am proud to still be ‘involved’ in its’ future as well as its’ history, even though I wish the capacity to which I’m involved could be different. I wish all involved with Alder Hey Good Luck with the move and may you continue to prosper and provide the excellence of care for all who come to/need you. Love and Light xXx

  • The staff in Alder Hey in the plaster room are amazing, we got to know them like friends when our son Ethan strarted attending weekly from 7 weeks old, we still call in to visit them now 11 years on and they still remember him and make him feel special, they made what was a difficult time in our lives so much easier with their good humour and warmth. Thank you so much

  • Thrilled to read that the hard work has now created this wonderful new facility, the benefits of the new facilities will never overshadow the dedication, expertise and knowledge of the medical and nursing staff of the biggest and best children’s hospital in Europe. Best wishes for the next 100 years.

  • Spent so many years at alder hey with my daughter ,(Carla ) amazing wonderful hospital and staff ,so many memories so sad to see it go ,good luck in your new ,Alder hey xx

  • My son is having an operation in the new hospital in November. He spent the first week or so of his life in Alder Hey and has been back for many appointments since.

    When we come in November it will be very interesting to see the new hospital, but it will also be strange and a little bit sad not to be going to the old building any more.

  • I will miss the old alder hey but the new build will be much better equipped with up to date technology…… I can not thank the oncology nurses and doctors enough for the care they gave my daughter Mollie-Anne whilst she battled leukaemia she sadly lost her battle after 10 months….Not only did they give mollie the care she needed they would sit and paint her nails only for mollie to peel them off an he later they would help her paint/draw pictures they made her stay in hospital bearable, for that I will be forever grateful from the bottom of my heart…..Thank you and good luck in your new build xxxx

  • A heart felt thanks from our family to Chris Parks, Prof Barry Pizer and all the team at Alder Hey who have been taking care of our dear Willow. “Life Savers”

    Martin, Liz, Jake and Willow

  • I am Sorry that I can not Come To It Today I hope I See lots Of Photos of the Good bye party Today have a great afternoon I will all See Monday Morning love From Milly Gill

  • We have only been going to alderhey since November last year and we feel like part of your family. We would like to thank dr james hayden and the oncology team and miss Corbet and the urology team for all there help in zacks treatment you are an amazing hospital really looking forward to seeing the new hospital what an existing time zacks carnt wait going round telling people his new hospital is opening on his brothers birthday 6th Oct goodluck with the move

  • I have been a patient at alder hey since I was born in 2000, with a hair lip n cleft palate since then I have had many operations and would like to say a huge thank you to all the drs, nurses that looked after me esp mr penfold and dr Russell for all your hard work I wouldn’t be we’re iam today without you all. Iam gunna miss the old place it’s been a huge part of my life like my second home , but I look forward to seeing what the new hospital will be like once again big big big thank you
    Joshua Catterall xx

  • i first visited Alder hey when my son was 18months old , he has now just turned 16 . Alder hey has become our second home and we could never thank ALL the staff enough from the cleaners to the professors each and every staff member has played their part in helping my son and myself through some very difficult and challenging times . It is very dad to say goodbye to the “old” alder hey however the new hospital will be able to save even more lives , support even more children and their families and we can not wait to see the new hospital in action in October . Well done to each and everyone of you , here’s to new ventures x

  • I have been visited old hospital third time, thank you , but I miss the old hospital next year.

    I want really looking forward to new
    alder hey for another appointment


    The old hospital will demolishing next year.

    You’ll be amazed nurse and doctor.

  • I started at Alder Hey in 1973 as a cadet nurse, I commenced my combined nurse training as a student nurse in 1973-1976. Matron Robinson was in charge then she had a little jack russell dog which she kept in her office during the day and it lived with her in the nurses home, she ran a strict ship with the aid of her “no. 7’s” Miss Hill, Miss Morgan,
    Miss Worthington are the one’s I remember.
    We spent the first 12 months in Alder Hey then we moved to Mill Road for 6 months Midwifery training, back to Alder Hey for 6 months, then off to Broadgreen Hospital for 18 months to complete our General training, then 6 months back at Alder Hey before sitting our State Finals.

    I staffed on D2 (boys & girls orthopaedics 0-8 yrs old) under the guidance of Str Collins for 1 year and then I spent the next 17yrs as Jnr Str then Sr Str/ Ward Manger of K2 which was then the Plastic surgery, Cleft lip & Palate and Eye ward. I have many many happy and at times sad memories of my time in Alder Hey and will be very sorry and sad to see the old building and nurses home being demolished, but progress has to happen and I wish everyone connected to the new hospital, staff, parents and patients all the very best for the future.

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