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Bluebell Wood Planting In Springfield Park 24 and 25 November

cwp3nr1wqaanrulThe skies are darkening and there’s a fresh chill in the air. Winter is fast approaching! As life in Springfield Park gets ready for the coming frost, join us in planting our first bluebell wood which, come spring time, will bring us a beautiful carpet of indigo flowers, to be enjoyed by all visitors to the park.

The British bluebell hangs demurely, leaning over like a shepherd’s crook on elegant, slender stems. Come and join in our bulb planting for the opportunity to ‘adopt’ one or more of these beautiful flowers. Bulbs planted by you will be put in the ground with a name tag attached so you can revisit the park in spring time and see the fruit (or flower!) of your labours, and enjoy the sea of newly sprung bluebells.

Come along to Springfield Park between 12-3pm on 24th or 25th of November and you’ll be given one of 1,000 bluebell bulbs to plant yourself in a designated area of the park. There’s no cost, and name tags, planting tools and gloves will also be provided.

Do come along and start what we hope will be a long and rewarding relationship with Springfield Park and our soon-to-be-beautiful bluebell wood!

All welcome!

Enquiries please to: Laura Naylor at, or on 0151 252 5962.

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