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Alder Hey’s Clinical Research Facility Is Awarded £2 Million Grant To Translate The Latest Science Into New Treatments For Children

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to announce that its Clinical Research Facility (CRF) has received a £2 million grant over five years from the UK Government via the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The grant will fund the infrastructure costs for early translational (experimental medicine) research to help speed up the translation of scientific advances for the benefit of patients.   The funding application was made by Alder Hey in partnership with the University of Liverpool and was announced recently.

Every year thousands of children at Alder Hey participate in clinical studies to help find new medicines and treatments for children with both common and rare childhood illnesses.    Alder Hey has two specific units to support research within the brand new Alder Hey in the Park children’s healthcare campus, the Clinical Research Facility and the Institute in the Park.  The Clinical Research Facility is a dedicated, purpose-built clinical and overnight facility based within the hospital with specialist staff for patient-orientated, early translational (experimental medicine) research.   The Institute in the Park hosts office and laboratory space for academic researchers, healthcare professionals, technology companies, commercial research teams, students and educators.

The unique co-location of the Clinical Research Facility and the Institute in the Park within one of Europe’s busiest children’s hospital means that every child and all the healthcare professionals that care for them will have the opportunity to routinely and safely participate in studies. Alder Hey’s young patients take immense pride in helping improve healthcare for others as well as themselves.

Sir David Henshaw, Chair of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said:  “We have great ambitions to improve the health of children everywhere by creating a unique environment where ideas can flourish and be tried out in a real-world hospital environment.  This recognition of our NIHR Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility is vital to this mission and we are delighted to have been selected.”

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