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Alder Hey Stars celebrated!

Alder Hey celebrated the passion, dedication and successes of their remarkable staff at their annual Alder Hey staff awards show on Friday.

A number of ‘Alder Hey Stars’ awards were given out to staff who went the extra mile in the last year at a fun-filled event hosted by Radio City’s Steve Hothersall at the Titanic Hotel.

Louise Shepherd, Chief Executive of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital said;

“We are so fortunate here at Alder Hey to work with amazing staff who work incredibly hard all year round. Our staff awards night is a time to come together and celebrate their achievements. From ward staff to volunteers, every person who received a nomination should be proud that they are recognised as one of the stars of Alder Hey.”

Below are all the winners and shortlisted candidates. Congratulations to everyone nominated.


Living our Values – Staff vote
Staff can embody our values in many different ways – they can always be looking for ways to positively promote Alder Hey, they can be unfailingly caring and considerate even on the tough days or they may be always on the lookout for new ways of working.

Winner – Tom Knight
Tom Knight demonstrates the Trust values every day. Tom has always been courteous, considerate and thoughtful of other people’s needs, not only that he is very aware that we are in this together. Most recently during  Fab Staff week, Tom came up with the awesome idea of providing cakes (and fruit) from the catering staff as part of are wider thank you to staff, this was so gratefully received by staff and truly lifted the spirits of all those that came.

Runners Up:
Emergency Department
Dave Houghton


Living our Values – public vote
Our Values are at the core of how we work here at Alder Hey. By truly living our values of excellence, openness, respect, innovation and together, every day, we create the best Alder Hey we can for patients, families and staff.  This award was voted for by patients, families and members of the public – an incredible 211 nominations were submitted in just 30 days.  Out of that crowded field we have had the difficult task of choosing just one.

Winner – James Hayden
Dr James Hayden won the public vote. He has been described by one parent of a patient he treated as ‘nothing short of exceptional’ ‘extremely compassionate and caring’ and ‘ he truly made the difference in helping me and my family cope through what was the worst time in our whole lives’.

Runners Up
Ward 1C
Michelle Wright

Volunteer of the Year
Our volunteers make a huge difference to Alder Hey.   They are our helpers and guides, our sign posters and playmates, our warm welcome and friendly companions.   Whether wearing pink shirts in the atrium, supporting patients in our services or providing their time and expertise in other ways they do all this – day in day out – with smiles and laughter.

Winner – Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca is an inspirational young lady who has volunteered her time, support and experience to help us make CAMHS a better service for the young people and families that access it. As a service user of CAMHS herself Rebecca provides first-hand experience of the difficulties young people suffering with mental health difficulties face, particularly with regards to stigma. Rebecca is passionate about tackling stigma and is working on developing lesson plans for primary school children to help educate them on mental health and to teach them how they can look after their emotional wellbeing.

Runners Up
Steve Woodcock
Chris Brown


Sustainability Through External Partnerships
As a world class children’s hospital Alder Hey plays a huge role in our local community, and further afield. Making sure we continue to deliver for our patients, families and staff depends on thinking outside the box, reaching across teams and organisation and showing that we really can deliver more, together.

Winner – Vicky Hulme & John McGrath

Vicky and John successfully worked with Fresh CAMHS service users to develop a mental health lesson plan for secondary school aged children. This was piloted in a number of schools across the city and has been adopted by many as part of their healthy schools agenda.  In recent months, Vicky and John have actively engaged with the Chief Executive of the Liverpool Schools Learning Partnership with a view to further developing the lesson plan, in accordance with the new Liverpool Schools Based Approached to Mental Health Strategy for primary aged children.

Runners Up
Community Physio 0-5 team
Anne Doyle & Jess Robinson


Strong Foundations
Our ability to deliver outstanding healthcare and grow our future is dependent upon us being firmly supported by strong foundations.   This is about having a reliable infrastructure, with slick systems and processes, used consistently, delivered to plan, supported by training.

Winner – Human Resources Department

The HR team were heavily involved in organising the TUPE transfer of Sefton Community Services to Alder Hey in April 2017 which affected 10 teams and 130 staff. Many people involved in the transfer have described HR’s as ‘amazingly supportive’ as they worked with staff giving advice and information to help them feel comfortable and confident in their new surroundings.

Runners Up
Health Records team
Natalie Deakin


Game Changing Research
Research is a big part of what we do here Alder Hey; we strive to develop new medicines and treatments for children and young people, not just here but everywhere.  We’re rightly proud of our role in clinical research, but we also excel at studying and developing new ways of working.

Winner – Stuart Clark

After receiving a small research grant Stuart developed a project to answer the question of; how can we design an intervention that progressively strengthens and improves physical fitness and is accessible for our patients? Working with Liverpool Sports and Leisure and Firefit the project resulted in the delivery of gym sessions within local leisure centres jointly facilitated by community physiotherapists and appropriately trained fitness instructors.  Some children who took part in the project are now independently accessing other activities in the centre. Stuart, along with his colleague Lee Evans, presented his findings to the national APCP conference in November 2017 and was extremely well received, with many areas are actively looking to replicate this piece of work across the country.

Runner Up
Paula Milnes

Delivery of Outstanding Care
We’re well known for the outstanding quality of care we deliver, day-in, day-out. Everyone at Alder Hey would go the extra mile to make sure that we get it right for every child first time, every time, and this award highlights an exceptional case of putting our children and young people at the very heart of what we do at Alder Hey.

Winner – Sharon Blackhurst & Catherine Haskell
Sharon and Cathy who are highly valued members of the Rainbow Team.   They are members of an effective, dedicated, safeguarding team who have direct contact with children, young people, families and members of the multiagency teams who are attending at a time of heightened anxiety, stress and worry. Their attitude and can-do attitude are an example to everyone.

Runners Up
John McGrath
Decontamination team

Best People Doing Their Best Work
Alder Hey staff are the very best at what they do, no question, and this award is picks out those who have really stood out as being brilliant at what they do.  Leadership, collaboration, initiative and empathy all go into making sure we all reach our potential.

Winner – Dewi Jones Unit

The team at the Dewi Jones has faced some really tough times throughout the last few months including increasingly difficult demands on resources. This has often meant they are frequently missing breaks or having to stay behind after shifts or cover last minute shifts and are on constant 1:1 observations. More senior members of the team are working above and beyond they’re expected hours to help out on the floor and the members of the team are frequently verbally or physically assaulted by the patients in our care who are unwell. Despite all these things, the team always remain positive, kind, caring and prioritise the wellbeing of our patients and their families.

Runners Up
Matthew Upton
Joanne Kendrick

Game Changing Innovation
We innovate at Alder Hey in many different ways: we seize upon technological developments to transform the healthcare that we provide to our patients, but we also innovate in the way that we deliver our services to patients.  We’re not afraid to break with the tried and tested way of doing things to try something that might be better.


Winner – Emergency Theatre List System Team

The Emergency Theatre List System (ELIS) is one of Alder Hey’s digital building blocks – those discrete, concrete projects that will push the whole of Alder Hey forward towards a more digitally enabled future.  The project team have delivered a bespoke electronic ELS which has provided an Emergency Booking System.  This one enhancement has proven to be a revolutionary way Alder Hey manages and delivers emergency surgery. As an acute Trust taking emergency cases from across Liverpool, Merseyside, the North West, North Wales, the Isle of Man and even further afield this is a huge advance.  ELIS is Alder Hey’s first bespoke clinical system that enables electronic listing of patients for the emergency list alongside assisting in the operational management of the Emergency Theatre and allows the Emergency Theatre team to see real-time, dynamic Emergency Theatre list accessible from any Trust PC or Citrix; a real game-changer.

Runners Up
Sedation team
Chris Parks, Barry Laithwaite, Dawn Hennigan and Ward 4A
Michael Power

Alder Hey Children’s Charity Award

Winner – Pamela Howard

Pamela has taken part in a 420km cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia and raising £5000 for Alder Hey Children’s Charity; which is £2000 more than her target. Despite being easily the oldest person in the group, Pam smashed the challenge, impressing the Cambodian ground crew so much that they renamed their country ‘Pambodia’ in her honour!

Runners Up
David Houghton
Rushownara Miah

Chairs Special Recognition Award

Kerry Turner
Listening into Action Lead

Kerry simply is Alder Hey through and through. A long standing veteran of 30 years, she has seen every change at Alder Hey over generations all while tending her warmth, dedication and humanity throughout.

As a theatre nurse she has made inestimable difference to hundreds of children and young people, but it is in her current role of Listening into Action lead that she has made her most impressive impact.

It is no exaggeration to say that LiA would not have been anywhere near as successful as it has been without Kerry’s enthusiasm, work ethic and unique sense of humour. She has become Alder Hey’s resident ‘agony aunt’ – everyone’s friend, support and guide.

Your comments

  • Absolutely delighted for all the staff at the Dewi Jones unit , thoroughly deserved , so glad they have been recognised for their outstanding work well done and thank you

  • It is difficult to single out anyone from the wonderful staff at Alder Hey. How you all do your job, day in, day out, sometimes in such emotional and difficult circumstances is beyond me. I know I could not, but I am so grateful that there are such dedicated people like you who do. We owe you so much. Words seem so inadequate but simply…THANK YOU!

  • So pleased for James Hayden he is one the nicest most caring person you could meet he would never go past Ellie’s door without a wave or pop his head in to say hello and ask if you were ok. Well deserved

  • All i can say is alderhey hosiptal and every body that works there are truly amazing people who will give everything they have possible to help and support you in extreme circumstances and james hayden is my sons rylie-jai consultant and must admitt that guy is a true professional but also understands so spends time explaining everthing to you so you understand everthing thats going on #true respect

  • Well Done James Hayden. He is the most caring and dedicated doctor, who made the whole unbearable process of our beautiful son, Luke Harrison illness and recovery so much less painful for all the family. So So well deserved.

  • Professor Losty is brilliant saved my daughter Anna’s life at 3 days old major operation 🙂 forever thankful 🙂

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