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Alder Hey Poetry Competition….and the winners are…

In October 2017 Alder Hey  launched a poetry competition to celebrate the arrival of a new national sculpture arriving in Springfield Park. The sculpture is one of 10 being sited across the UK to mark the launch of the Woodland Trust’s National Tree Charter.

We had an amazing number of entries from all over the world in the poetry competition including Australia, India, Africa, Pakistan, across Europe and the whole of UK from people aged 4 up to 88.  We would like to thank the University of Liverpool who worked with patients at Alder Hey and for their time in helping to judge.

We received entries from staff, families of patients and volunteers and many local schools sent entries from entire class groups helping young people to develop their writing skills and think about the value of trees. We even received a rap about trees!

WINNERS (Receiving the £100 Waterstones voucher.)

0-11 years old

Each Tree is different,
just like us.
Each individual
but they all grow in the same ground.
Together they stand strong against all weathers.
Let’s all be like trees.
Let’s stand together.

12-16 years old

Rings swirl as ripples from my core,
cemented in nature,
reminders of before.
Each gap,
each twist,
each kink along the way,
helping me to become,
what I am today.
The silent eulogy
of leaves now forgotten,
my fallen friends,
long gone, long rotten.
my branches,
my leaves,
my flowers alone,
-always too frail.
But each year I’ve grown,
and I grow more stable.

17+ years old

Playground prayer, Cherry Tree Wood
Cherry for cradles,

maple for blocks,
birch twigs for broomsticks,
alder for clogs;

mazes from box,
willow for bats,
poplar for punnets,
tool handles, ash;

sycamore violins,
carvings from lime,
walking sticks, hazel,
may they have time.

RUNNERS UP– (work displayed in Springfield Park- this will go in over the next month)

0-11 years old
Naomi Taylor
Adam Hughes
Finn Frith Pettit
Sofia Lotto
Harriet Bentley

12-16 years old
Olivia Huyton
Charlie Tabern
Ake Kibona
Sadie Carney
Hannah Naylor

17+ years old
Jill Munro
Angela Topping
Julian Bishop
Kata Brown
Sue Wallace Shaddad.

All of the judges wanted to give a special recommendation to the deaf resource base at Knotty Ash Primary, who sent us this British Sign Language poem.

You can read the poems from the winners and runners up below. Congratulations to everyone!

0-11’s category winners and runners up
12-16 category winners and runners up
17+category winners and runners up


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  • Wow what amazing poems. The standard is so high; no wonder it took so long to get a result!

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