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Alder Hey Move Update

Dialysis patient Natasha Pleavin was the first patient to receive treatment at Alder Hey in the Park120 patients have been moved into the new Alder Hey in the Park over the weekend.

93 patients were safely transferred to the new hospital on Saturday with another 26 transferred on Sunday, including one on a heart and lung bypass machine (ECMO).

The move to the new building was meticulously planned to ensure a safe and smooth transition for Alder Hey patients and their families. Patients were moved across via a purpose-built corridor which had been carefully designed to transport patients from one site to another. They were transferred from the old site to the new by 22 transfer teams involving clinicians porters and volunteers.

The first patient to receive treatment at the new Alder Hey was 13 year old Natasha Pleavin who received dialysis on Ward 4C. Other patients making the move included Liam Denner (1) Helena Green (12) and William Ballyntyne (1).

Liam’s mum Zoe said: “The old hospital has been our home for the last 18 months so I feel a bit sad to leave it but the new hospital is amazing! It’s more homely and doesn’t look like a hospital. It’s fantastic. The play decks are amazing. Liam can now go out and get some fresh air.”

William’s mum Becky said: “The new hospital is amazing. The ward is great and really colourful. It’s definitely more family orientated. We have Jamie (William’s 4 year old brother) to think about too and it’s much easier to occupy him here.”

Helena commented “wow it’s really cool” while her mum Stacy added “It’s gorgeous – I can’t get the smile of my face!”

The first operation in the new hospital took place at midnight on Saturday 3rd October. The operation to correct a young patient’s broken arm was performed by surgeon Mr David Wright and his theatre team.

Alder Hey’s new Emergency Department has also been running since early hours of Sunday morning. The department has already been busy treating 159 patients on its first day, including three major traumas.

The new hospital is completely relocating over a five day move which began on Friday 2nd October. 20 articulated removal lorries began transporting equipment on the first day of the move with 14 more continuing to transport supplies on each of the remaining days. About 1500 devices have been moved and almost 13,000 pieces of medical equipment.

Jude Adams, Chief Operating Officer said: We are delighted that our move has been going smoothly and all patients have now been safely transferred to the new hospital. Our staff were fantastic, everyone pulling together to make it happen. Our Emergency department is up and running and all vital medical equipment has been moved to the new hospital with final office equipment and belongings being taken over the next couple of days. We are continuing to make final preparations to our Outpatients Department and our elective outpatients and planned surgeries will be running as planned on Wednesday 7th October.”

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