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Paige and mum at Alder Hey's Oncology departmentIf you’d like to say thank you to the hospital, a department or member of staff, we’d love to hear from you.

You can leave your message here, or write it on a department page for other parents to read and respond to. If you’d like to find other ways to say thank you, why not see how you could get involved?

Your messages of thanks

  • Thank you for your help yesterday. My son had an ent outpatients appointment
    He is 16 and has autism, learning difficulties and cardiac issues. We’ve been coming to Alder Hey since he was born!
    We always enjoy the animal statues and bird mobile in the new atrium.
    The staff in ent including Kate and Mr Clarke (who we’ve not met before) were great. Not much waiting and staff who listened to our needs and concerns. Thank you..

  • I’m so thankful for everything the hospital has done for me. In 2010, I was admitted into alder hay, although I cannot remember the whole experience due to being in intensive care.
    I would not be here if it was not for Prof Paul Losty and the amazing teams that work within the hospital. I was given an amazing treatment, care and support throughout my expirience. Although the chances of my survival were low due to the perforated gangrenous appendicitis it did not stop anyone from giving me the best chance of survival.
    This experience has shaped me in to who I am today, making me archive my goal of becoming a nurse.
    I will be forever greatfull to all the members of staff, the paramedics, nurses, health care assistance, porters, play therapists, doctors, and Prof Paul Losty. Every single one of you do a fantastic job.

  • I can’t imagine the strain and stress all of the hospital must be facing at this incredibly emotional time. I’m only a distant supporter but I just wanted to pass on my thoughts to you all. Your integrity, commitment to doing the right thing for your patients and your dedication will never be questioned by anyone of a sane mind. This too will pass

  • It has been around 9 months since my operation, and I am finally getting round to this long overdue message of thanks. Having an operation, no matter how minor, can be quite a harrowing experience and therefore I would like to emphasise the importance of a hand-holder. Having an operation under local anaesthetic, in particular, is a very odd experience, with so much going on, yet you (as the patient) having a limited understanding of the procedure. During the short half an hour that I experienced of such an operation, I cannot emphasise just how reassuring it was to have someone by my side squeezing my hand the whole way through. Hence, I would like to give special thanks to Paula, who made me feel comfortable and free from worry throughout the procedure and afterwards too. The surgical team and supporting staff were also fantastic – their efficiency and kindness will always be remembered. Further thanks must go to the excellent anaesthetist – I didn’t feel a thing!
    All-in-all a massive thank you to Alder Hey Hospital. :)))

  • Big thank you to all on ward 3a who cared for my daughter who came in from Lancaster hospital with what turned out to be a burst appendix! And a huge thank you to Dr Jones and his team – just amazing!

  • My son Owen was recently on ward 4C blue pod 12, and we both wanted to say a big massive thank you too all the staff on the ward
    The treatment and care Owen received was amazing!, especially when Owen was scared and overwhelmed. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. An extra special thank you goes to nurses Steph, Becky and Sophie. You not only put Owen at ease but also myself and my husband you were all amazing!.
    Thank you all so very much.
    Lots of love
    Owen, Emma and Ste Smith. X

  • My Daughter Was on ward E3 from birth 2010 till 2012. Her consultant was Dr Dalzel an absolute genius and lovely man. The nurses who cared for her for 2 years are people that i will remember forever. They were not just there to care medically but were so supportive when times were really down. An amazing place where very sick childern truely are in the very best hands. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • To the hospital who saved my sons life many times, thank you.

    To the hospital who fitted his shunt, his mic-key button, his ventricle line, carried out lots of operations on him, vented him, oscillated him, made his quality of life so much better than it would have otherwise been, thank you.

    To the hospital who carried out physio on him, who helped to make him better in winter, where we spent so many Christmas and New Years being looked after in ICU and HDU, thank you.

    To the hospital who unblocked his shunt when it tied itself in a knot (one of only two known cases in the past twenty years), thank you.

    To the hospital who showed so much compassion to me and my family when the time finally came to let Elliott fly to the angels, who cried with me at his bedside and felt the same excruciating pain of loss and sadness, thank you.

    To the very same hospital who amputated my other sons leg at seven weeks old and then revised it the following year and who are incredibly modest about their achievements, thank you.

    To the hospital who looked after him so well and treated Max so brilliantly when he almost caught sepsis from an abscess in his knee, thank you.

    Thank you for everything you do to help all of our children. For being there in our darkest days. It is time for all us parents to be there in yours. You are amazing and our lives are so much richer for having you in ours.

    We owe you a debt of gratitude that no money couldn’t buy.

    Thank you for being there for us all Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Charity

    In the darkest days shine the brightest stars. Xxx

  • I am writing a general message of thanks to all the wonderful doctors and nurses in this hospital. I am so upset at all the bad publicity you are currently getting as a result of the demonstrations outside your hospital. I am sure you all have Alfie’s best interests at heart so please keep your chins up and understand that the vast number of the public are, I am sure, right behind you. God bless you all.

  • My daughter has epilepsy and autism, she has been looked after by Dr Spinty for the past 11 years, Dr Spinty is amazing, he treats her with the upmost dignity and respect at all times. He works with us as a family at every stage of treatment and has done so every step of the way. We are very greatful and cannot thank him enough.

  • Thank you to all the amazing nurses and doctors at Alderhey. You do an amazing job and support so many unwell children and their families through such difficult times. Your efforts are appreciated and valued. An amazing hospital with wonderful teams. Thank you

  • My daughter Lily is currently an inpatient on Ward 4C and I cannot thank each and every staff member for their incredible work. We were kept well informed and nothing was too much trouble, we have never recieved such a high standard of care and thank you just doesnt cut it, Lily has a phobia of hospital surroundings and is leaving a confident and happy little girl due to the time and effort of each staff member making her feel at ease at all times. I would especially like to mention Anna the play specialist for her outstanding skills and accomodated to lily and her needs personally and made her feel like a very special little princess also Nurse Cara for her fantastic clinical skills, she kept us well updated and explained things brilliantly. Lilys care by Cara has also brought her out of her shell and welcomed her to do blood tests, observations and cannula assisting brilliantly. Thanks to each and every member of the team even the healthcare, domestic and chef who all took time to talk to lily and made her feel special, the chef even specially made lily a curry to order as she loved it so much she requested it daily, it was lovely! Lilys room was kept immaculate the domestic team worked hard every day. Thanks everyone xxxx

  • Hello my daughter had day surgery yesterday at Alder Hey and I would just like to thank all the amazing staff and the fantastic nhs service we received!
    Staff were all so lovely, happy and helpful.
    Special thank you to Cristina Dominguez- Garcia who has done a fantastic job with my daughter’s teeth removal, leaving the gums stitched with a fantastic finish, would be lovely if thanks could be passed on to her from us.
    Thanks again Alder Hey.
    Taryn Sinclair and family xx

  • I want to say that both the hospital staff and doctors in Alder Hey were both excellent. They would regularly update us with any news they might have had and they took care of our 12 month old son. I would recommend this hospital to people both in the UK and abroad, I wish our local hospital in Wrexham was half as good as Alder Hey. Plenty of things to say about the hospital, you were all 5 stars. Thank you very much

  • I would like to thank the Sunday evening a&e doctor for explaining thing the diagnosis and the clear procedure with sympathy, in what was a very worrying time.
    I also want to thank all staff at ward 4c for looking after Edith day and night for 5 days and for being accommodating around her meal times as she napped.
    All staff; doctors, nurses, health assistants, play nurse, kitchen and cleaning are friendly and approachable and make what is a worrying time a little less stressful.
    Thank you all so much for looking after my baby!

  • Our son received treatment and care on ward 4C, staff were excellent, friendly, and helpful. The nurses and medics were very supportive and kind, thankfully, our little boy made a full and speedy recovery. Thank you so much to all the staff doing a wonderful job at a difficult time for the NHS, your hard work is recognised and very much appreciated and valued.

  • My beautiful baby girl was admitted having found her stomach and bowel were where her heart should be..I was devastated..she sadly passed away after eleven days..the care we received was excellent..they tried so hard to save her..I’m now sat in green ward with her twin sister waiting for a heart operation.. The kindness we have been shown is way beyond normal hospital care..they pop in to make Millie smile after having a rough few days..they listen to me crying over my girl that passed away and now I’m crying for my girl Millie..the nurses go out of there way to help..the doctors have been great ..and I looked forward to seeing debs the cleaner everyday….so thankyou..your have all been amazing…:) I can’t thank you enough xx

  • A huge thanks to the fantastic Miss Pettorini, and her brilliant team on 4a (green pod).
    You’ve all been so kind and looked after me, amazingly well. Thank you so much.

  • I want to say thank you to A&E nurses and then the plastics team for treating my sons facial injuries. The early bird plastics clinic and associated route to urgent surgery is amazing. We were in and out of A&E within 2 hours patched up and sent home already having been booked into the plastics clinic for 7.30am the next morning. We were seen by 8.10am, in theatre by 10.30am and home by 1.30pm. He is healing well and had such a good experience he can’t wait to come back for his check up! I work here so am hyper critical of our services and I give it 10/10!

  • I would like to say a huge thanku you to all the staff on ward 4c green pod for all the care and attention my grandaughter jessica recieved on her recent addmission to hospital
    The staff were very good at making her feel less scared snd putting her parents at ease by explaining her care to them
    They had a very good bedside manner both towards jessica and her parents
    The food was very good thanks to the ward cook
    The hospital is bright and so welcoming a credit to our nhs
    Thankyou so much xx

  • Huge thank you to all the staff on the Burns Unit! My daughter was hospitalised at 5 months with burns to her hand and we couldn’t have been looked after better. They literally went above and beyond to help me, make sure my little girl was comfortable and even just have a hold of her! The attentiveness from the staff was perfect, not one thing I could complain about.

  • I would just like to say a big thank you to all the staff who looked after my son during his recent stay. Every member of staff who attended to him from the pre-operative team,porters,surgical team and the staff on ward 4 a who looked after him post op were wonderful. They could not do enough for us. We are very grateful keep up the good work.

  • unfortunately we are frequent visitors of the A&E department. last niht it was the busiest ive ever seen it…..yet as usual all the staff were very cheerful and helpful. clearly extra busy and under so.much pressure they took the time to thoroghly check my son and calm him down. they always have a smile on their faces and take the time to make the childrens experience as fun as possible, especially when they get upset. the staff at alder hey dont get enough praise for the hard work and friendly atmosphere that they create under difficult and busy circumstances. thank you all at A&E and on ward 4c .your hard work is much appreciated.

  • Thank you Dr.Fiona Ryan for thinking outside the box and listening to our concerns about our Son Henry. Your tenacity to get to the bottom of what was going on and not dismiss our concerns has finally paid off with a diagnosis! The way you have dealt with Henry, communicated everything with us as parents and just listened to our concerns and referred us to your colleagues for further investigations can not be commended highly enough. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Also a big Thank you to Dr. Christos Tzivinikos and the team on surgical day case for looking after Henry and keeping us up to date on his diagnosis so quickly. Thank you from Henry and the Barnes Family.

  • Just wanted to say a big thanks to the lazer dept for the treatment my daughter had today . She has a mole on her leg which needs about 6 sessions at least to try and lighten it. She’s 11 years old and is very conscious about it.
    Today she had her 2nd session and actually said it didn’t hurt as they used a different machine on it. Apparently it’s one with a cool down fan .amazing she said. Hopefully it’s still there for her future appointments as she won’t be worried about them now. Also the staff are sooo good , especially Carla . XπŸ–πŸ˜Š

  • This is actually a thank you to a member of your ‘back room’ staff. I had sent my four year old nephew, Wilfie, who you are taking great care of, a parcel with a gift made especially for him. This had been delivered by the Post Office, to the wrong address and become lost. After lots of frustration trying to locate it, Terry Whylie, in Alder Hey’s Post Room was so lovely, sympathetic and helpful and found it! Wilfie should receive it today! Thank you, again.

  • I want to share this – with thanks –
    My eldest son was diagnosed with severe speech and language delay (verbal dyspraxia) at 34 months. Not long after his 3rd birthday he started at Mab Lane Nursery, at that time an ICAN centre had just been established there in order to support children with severe speech and language difficulties. That was the start of his educational journey. He toddled through the door, eyes wide, non-verbal – at home he had developed his own sign language in order to communicate, however, he was frustrated that he could not communicate in the same way that his peers could. Sometimes there were days of upset both for him and for me – he had never said ‘mum’ and I ached to hear this little three letter word. At 3 he measured ‘0’ percentile for language. Days, passed by – no one could imagine the magic that the therapists and support workers at ICAN (Mab Lane) could work. The days turned into weeks – the weeks into months. With sounds developing that I had never heard before. My little man was learning how to form language. at first those sounds seemed alien, then words were created – the structure of language and how to speak was coming together. The day I heard him say ‘mum’ I broke down – how special that was. From the words came sentences, although jumbled at first. The first sentence he uttered… ‘more words in head than tummy say’. That was the day I realised everything was going in – it just needed the right keys to unlock the potentiality in him. Within months he had gone from that ‘0’ to the 87th percentile. To me, all who supported him had waved a magic wand – he worked hard, we did the homework, everything that was done there was modelled in order to give him the ability to express in words the world around him. He continued to have outreach S&LT once he had left Mab Lane. 15 years have passed – however I have never forgotten a conversation with Christine Taylor (Speech & Language Coordinator). I asked what would the future hold – will my son achieve – will he be able to do everything that other children can do? Christine told me of a child/young person who had had similar speech and language/communication difficulties as my son and that he was sitting his ‘A’ Levels with the aim of going to University. I wondered if that was ever going to be an option – Christine’s words remained with me. Over the years we have faced many challenges in terms of health and education – we have battled on – my son has worked hard – today being ‘A’ Level results day – I thought of Christine as we made our way to school in order to collect the envelope that would reveal results and determine his future pathway. Today the number 3 seemed oh so significant, at 3 he started his journey – today he achieved 3 β€˜A’ Levels in Politics, History and Physics. This message is one of thanks to Christine Taylor who was able to give my child the opportunity to learn how to communicate – thanks to all who intervened throughout his educational journey. No one can underestimate the value that early intervention can bring. To me it is vital that all children should be allowed to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams, hopes and aspirations. I feel lucky that my son benefited from the right intervention at the right time in his life – early years. I know this post is quite long, but I thought it important to share, forgive my emotions, but please believe me when I say services such as S&LT, Physio O/T – as well as other medical matters that my son benefited from through Alder Hey – have been instrumental in shaping a child who seemed β€˜locked in’ to the point in his life that has seen him achieve his aim and ambition to study at University. I hope if anyone is reading this and is faced with similar challenges that they are able to access the services needed, believe me its totally worthwhile.

  • Thank you to all the wonderful staff in Radiology working on 9August. My 1year old was with you for an MRI scan, and the care, compassion and genuine warmth shown to her – and to her 2 nervous parents! – was simply amazing. The only name I have was the anaesthetist Dr Hunt, but she and everyone we came in contact with delivered care in the most superb way possible. What you do, day in day out, matters more than you know, and I will always be grateful for that.

  • Just 4 days old my little boy was transferred from stoke on trent to alder hey , I had to have an emergency c-section and on top of my boy been poorly didn’t know which way to turn , the staff on ward 1c yellow wow amazing they’re like our angels , couldn’t have asked for better care and they’ve all been a rock to me , when he was diagnosed with hirschsprung desease and down syndrome, I felt as tho I’d hit rock bottom seeing my boy go through all the tests and an lp with suspected meningitis which thankfully he didn’t have , to getting me confident enough to do his daily wash outs at home and putting a bit of light in my day , once again amazing people we will be back in October for his operation then I mean this with the kindest intention I don’t want to come back
    Much love always rach , ohene and family ❀

  • Thank you to Tracy, health care assistant, ward 3a Green pod for looking after our little boy this week. We felt so reassured and looked after when leaving our little one in theatre – the half loaf of toast and cups of tea helped! She helped keep us calm when we needed it most. Love Noah’s Mummy and Daddy

  • Thank you to all the nurses at 4c. Our 6 year old had severe pneumonia . She also has Dravet Syndrome and autism, which does not make her the easiest patient. The quality, care and professionalism of the nurses who looked after her/us on 4c was first class. That nurses and other NHS staff have not had a significant pay deduction in real terms over recent years is a disgrace.
    Many thanks again

  • Having just spent 8 days in Alder Hey with our daughter, my wife and I have had plenty of time to read and review all the comments posted on this website.

    For those people who have the time to write reviews criticising the treatment and attitude of staff, I ask you all to research the words TRIAGE and RESPECT.

    The staff that you complain about have to deal with sick and injured children on a daily basis and therefore deserve your respect. You will find that if you use manners and are courteous to them, then they will behave in the same manner. If you have to wait, then that will be because there are children that require treatment before your child, they are not doing it to provoke you, they are simply making important decisions.

    Our experience from A+E, to ward, to surgery, to food, to cleanliness, to treatment, to aftercare was unbelievable. The staff who like most, are working at minimum strengths and reduced funding are exceptional.

    For those staff that understood our daughters needs and our needs I applaude you.

    To the nurse that goes the extra mile and makes milkshakes for children, to the play specialist that simply puts a smile on your face, to the sister that understands how to communicate with you in your darkest days, I RESPECT and APPLAUDE you.

  • I had a operation in Alder Hey hospital on my hands and I was pleased by the care of Alder Hey hospital the nurses and doctors were brilliant. And I am going back there on Tuesday for a checkup on them to see how they have healed.

  • I always apprieciate Alder hey, they have amazing team, of Doctors’s and nurses but big shout out for rheumatology team. My son has Bechet syndrome and they are the only ones nationally who can see him, plus even bigger shout out for GWARD (hope I’ve spelt it right) Welsh nurse on 4C. I have recently had back surgery, just 3 weeks ago) as soon as she found out she and her fellow nurses did furniture removals on our room in the middle of the night and put me into a bed instead of couch. She gave superb care to my son, explaining everything to him, and worrying about if he needed a long line. (Forward thinking instead of just reactive) the whole ward has been amazing and helpful, I wish I could name them all but they are definetly always busy!
    I’m sick of people giving Doctors and nurses a difficult time, when really it’s and oversubscribed, understaffed NHS. So well done 4c well done Ward manager on your excellent staff, well done Alder hey In being the first national coverage of Bechet’s disease. You deserve all five stars.. you have a great hospital, great team and great care of family not just child. You could teach many! Ward 4c your the best and I do hope this gets back to the Nurses on the wars, they need a few pats on back and not just complaints. Remember people we all get things wrong, all have bad days because we’re human, and constant Critism grinds you down!

  • My daughter had a climbing accident falling 9 m breaking her right foot. The care we received from arriving in the ambulance through the operation and her rehabilitation was exemplary. We cannot thank the staff enough.

  • Our son has fronto nasal dysplasia, he is 14 years old and has been in the care of the fantastic Craniofacial Team since he was just 3 months old. They have supported us all, through his long journey of 4 operations and numerous different procedures over the years, with his latest operation (and hopefully his last) being carried out in March of this year. Particular thanks go to Mr. David Richardson the amazing Maxillofacial Surgeon and our special thanks go to Maria Knapp, the Clinical Psychologist, whose support of our son and family has been invaluable, we could not have done it without her, she has been “our rock” from our first visit to the team to the present day. The Clinical Psychology team are so important to the well being of cranio patients, such as our son, we feel it is as important as the surgery itself! Thank you Maria and thank you to all the Craniofacial Team. xx

  • I have been thinking of what to write but would love to say THANK YOU to Marie in phlebotomy (bloods clinic ) WOW
    My daughter Iyla Stokes was fast asleep going in for her bloods Marie was hesitant but confident but I persisted to still do them we both supported each other and to our utter amazement iyla stayed fast asleep not a murmur. Marie once again thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • My daughter had cardiac ablation on Monday 3rd April.I would like to thank all the Doctors and nurses involved in her care.This expert care started with Nurse Pat and the team in the pre-admission clinic.On the day of the procedure my daughter was cared for by the team on ward 1c,again receiving brilliant care from all the doctors and nurses.Many Thanks

  • My Daughter was under the care of Bernadetta Pettorini and her Amazing team of Neurosurgeons. While we were in ward 4a and 4b the care and treatment we all received was fantastic i cant thank you enough the staff do not get the recognition that they all deserve they are all fantastic from the cleaners right the way through to the nurses and consultants and all the amazing therapists if its the hydrotherapy team or the occupational health or speech they were all brilliant THANKYOU you saved my daughters life alder hey is a remarkable place and i can see why the best people in the world choose to work there

  • I would love to say thankyou to Ms Atherton in ortho and trauma. My 4 year old Emily has been seeing her since she was a baby first every 6 months then yearly as her femurs are twisted so walks with her feet turned in she also has hypermobility

    Ms Atherton is just such a wonderful doctor is always great with emily and makes us feel like were her only patients. she is very rare and im sad we are being moved on to another doctor as she is going down the surgery route.

    I wish i could do more to thank her for everything she done over these 4 years! its very rare you can see when people love thier job

  • Massive thanks to EVERY member of staff who have cared for my daughter over the past week during her stay after a back op… this place is amazing and totally shouldn’t be taken for granted.. we have been made very welcome and have been looked after fantastically.. a really cannot praise the staff enough .

  • My son James was in ward 4a for 6 days after having bilateral femoral derotations and calf lengthening surgery. Dr Walton and his team were absolutely fantastic. The nurses and physio team couldn’t have been any better. They were amazing with James. James loved Millie the nurse who taught him to go “floppy like a jelly” when being moved. I cannot thank the staff enough for what they have done for james and for getting him home sooner than we expected. Thank you xxx

  • I had an operation on late Monday night and am so happy with the staff and the help I was given I would like to especially thank my nurse Mary on ward 4A
    Thank you so much

  • My daughter, under the care of Su De, had a tonsillectomy. I can’t thank the staff at Alder Hey ever enough. The care and compassion they conveyed to my daughter was above and beyond any standards of healthcare I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t expect to have the expertise of Ms De and the wonderful anaesthetist (unfortunately I didn’t get his name). As a parent the care was amazing – but more importantly my child was cared for as if she was their own. Thank you again.
    Miss E Philbin

  • My son is currently under the care of Mr. David Wright and his team. Luke has cerebral palsy and has just received botox treatment. Luke is usually very anxious and panicky as to what is planned for him but Mr. David Wright isn`t just a brilliant surgeon but is also very good with children, my son is kept calm and cheerful, Luke always looks forward to visiting him. I am always kept upto date with plans for Luke and David Wright`s secretary is always very helpful when I feel the need to ring up for anything. Luke`s treatment is ongoing, I know he`s in very good hands of some very fine people, thank you to all. Not to forget to mention, the gait analysis team and orthotics too. πŸ™‚

  • My Son Jack has been receiving phenomenal care from the Neurological surgical team/ward 4a and also the Oncology team. Special thanks to Mr Connor Malucci, Dawn, all the staff on 4a, Dr James Hayden and Nicky Thorp in Oncology and the entire team. we cant thank you enough for all your help and support. You are all amazing people. THANK YOU !

  • i had 12 of my teeth removed and had dentures put on the 7th december 2016 the staff was amazing. the people who did them were someone named Dr. r Llewelyn and jess i saw jess more than Dr Llewelyn but they both was kind and they looked after me. I cant thank the staff enough. I now have a beautiful smile. Thank you

  • Today 5th Jan my grandaughter had dental surgery at the day care unit
    I would like to thank nursing staff porters reception staff for there kindness and care The domestic staff who do a great job the hospital is very clean a pleasure to visit

  • I can never thank alder hey enough, they saved my beautiful now 6 year old daughter Enya Jacqueline. She had open heart surgery and we always say Prem the surgeon put magic dust in her when operating because she is so healthy and crazy. Liverpool will always have a place in our hearts. thank you all xx

  • Thank you to all the staff of ward 3a for taking such good care of Emma Whitney and making her better again.All the staff were wonderful. The professionalism of everyone gave me total confidence Emma was in the safest hands.

  • Huge thanks to all in Cardiology – namely Dr Lim and all of the team. my son, James had Kawasaki disease at 10 weeks old which left him with two large aneurysms in his coronary arteries. He’s now 5 and the team in cardiology have monitored his progress, putting us all at ease at every stage of treatment. After frequent visits and stays, we now have 18 months before the next stage of treatment – we’re so happy, we skipped out of there last week. Thank you all x

  • ****i attended alderhey yearly for 5 years for a review of my daughters clicky hip. Sue Saville oversaw my daughters care and remembered us year after year. Sue, you are a special person. Thank you for such personal, warm and professional help. Your approach was so caring and genuine and I will always be grateful. With love.

  • A 10 year old boy dangerously ill being raced by ambulance to Alder Hey where he was immediately operated on. He was to spend 6 weeks in ward E.3.with acute peritonitis and pneumonia and 6 weeks in out- patience while a shunt in his belly exuded the putrid poison from his system. I was that little boy in 1948 and I have always been grateful to Alder Hey and ‘though belatedly, I’d like to thank all those who cared for me there, from the lowly day workers up to the late great childrens surgeon Miss Isabella Forshall. It was the luckiest day of my life when her star crossed mine and I have enjoyed nearly 70 years of life since that fateful ride in that Ambulance. I must also be thankful for the wonder drug penicillin, which until then had only recently come available to civilians.

  • We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the staff in the Regional Vascular Anomalies Service, especially Laser Sister Carla Gleave and Laser Nurse Lynn James who have been absolutely amazing in treating our little girl’s haemangioma. After a terrifying experience in September, Carla and Lynn have not only looked after our baby but us as well. Their professionalism, care and cuddles have meant so much to us all. We still have a little way to go but we know that we are in the best hands. Thank you so much Carla and Lynn.

  • I would very much like to thank the staff on reception After my visit today.
    I had to deliver an important form to a department in building 1, which I couldn’t find.
    One of the assistance staff, an 83 year old lady (I didn’t catch her name) went above and beyond to help me. She walked me quite a long distance in the rain to make sure I got to the right place.
    She is a credit to your team. Thank you

  • My son has TGA and VSD, iv never met such wonderful staff and a brilliant hospital that takes care of many many paitents.
    It was hard being in the hospital not being able to bond with my son, but i had a lot of support from the staff and also famly.
    My son was a week old when he had his op, i cried and cried but the staff was so helpful and was always there for me…Special Care Unit staff was amazing, the surgical staff was brilliant and they saved my little boy, without them i wouldnt have my son by my side and im so thankful for that. The staff on ward 1c was amazing too.
    we have regualr check ups with his Dr, (dr johnson) brilliant dr towards daniel.

  • Nikki Sandford in the orthodontic department is quite simply superb. He has dealt superbly with my daughter who can be very difficult due to having Aspergers and made every effort to put her in control throughout the whole procedure and prior appointments. When there was an appointment problem his secretary listened to the issue and was able to resolve it putting the needs of my daughter first. I can’t thank him and his team enough for making what could have been a very traumatic day a “walk in the park.”

  • A massive thank you to Nikki Mackett, Rebecca and Cathy from the Haemotology team for being a constant support to my daughter Matilda who has spherocytosis. You do an amazing job!! As hard the constant blood test and transfusions are for Matilda she is always happy to come here because of how kind and wonderful you all are. Thanks a million xx

  • Nearly 7 months ago I had a 2 part brain surgery here, amazing staff on ward 4a was fabulous during my 3 week stay, a massive thankyou to Andrea mclaren my epilepsy nurse, Ben cooper, Dr. Iyer and most of all Sasha burns my surgeon, you’ve given me a life I never thought I’d have πŸ’œ Thankyou so much xxx

  • Hi my little girl sadie was in alder hey for 3 months following her arrival in June 2016. We already were aware of her heart condition before her arrival. Since bring at alder hey she has had surgery on her heart and unfortunately sif feted complications as a result of the heart operation meaning she required further surgery on her bowel. I cannot thank enough her surgeons who were ram who carried out the heart surgery send Dr Colin baille who carried out her 2 bowel operations. You have saved my daughters life … thank you to the fantastic staff on icu send the cardiac ward. You will never know the gratitude we have for you. Michelle and dan parents to sadie o

  • I would like to say a big thankyou to Laura in the Phlebotomy department. She put my son at ease and took the blood sample quickly and as pain free as possible.
    As always the staff were amazing, I am so thankful that they are available to treat my son.

  • Many thanks to all the staff at AlderHey where my grandson spent the first eight weeks of his life which required him to undergo extensive procedures A special thank you to Fiona in the chaplancy team who was able to support the baby’s parents when I was unable to be there with them at a very stressful time; Initially had difficulty in locating ‘The Sanctuary’ as I asked to visit the ‘chapel’ or ‘prayer room’ Feel ‘Sanctuary’ is not the best description for a ‘chaplancy unit; ‘

  • Thank you to everyone on ward 4C who helped put a smile back on my baby boys face. Although I’m grateful for everyone from the Staff in radiology, to the caterers, to the staff who work in the labs, a few staff stood out to me & I would like to give them a mention Marie from domestics, Dr O’Connor, Cara, Martin, Leah & Amy the Student nurse & a mention to the very polite Chris in the pink shirt down on the ground floor. Although Anakin has still got to have more test, it’s great to see him smile, play & more importantly eat again.

  • Had our first check up at the new site yesterday. My son calls Alder hey “batman hospital” as he loved the large Batman in the cardiac area. He was a little nervous being somewhere new but as soon as he saw batman had made the move too he was so pleased.
    As always all the staff were wonderful, friendly and great with kids.
    We’ll forever be thankful to all the amazing staff at alder hey for taking such great care of Luca before, during and after his heart surgery.

  • We attended Alder Hey for an ENT appointment for my son Ben today. Massive thanks to Dr Ian Street and his team for assessing and treating Ben quickly and professionally.
    Dr Street was brilliant when explaining everything to my son despite him asking 3000 questions! making his visit to hospital enjoyable and stress free. Thank you.

  • My daughter 2years old got blue lighted from barrow in furness hospital to alder hey liverpool wiv pneumonia with empyema she wasnt eating ,talking or moving at all it was the most scariest time of mine and husband life ! We spent xmas and new yaer and few weeks at alder hey the staff where amazing , everyone so friendly my husband stay at mcdonald hotel that charity run hotel people so nice suppotive there ! huge thank you to all staff nurses, the staff come rd wiv games, colours painting ect once she bit better ! Thank you so much so xxxx

  • I just wanted to thank everyone who is on the ICU Pod 1 and who ever looked after Ella Hughes although she passed away on Monday the family are very grateful for the care you gave her and for giving her a fighting chance. Also thank you for the support you offered to the family.

  • The heart operation that I had 45 years ago at Alder Hey saved my life and I am still going strong!

  • thank you so much to all the nurses of ward 30 for saving my life and looking after me when i was eight years old and diagnosed with diabetes i a so grateful and couldnt be any more thankful.

  • We came into Alderhey today as my son had hurt his had on a metal fence from getting to the early bird plastic surgery clinic to the discharge home the same day we can not thank the staff enough they are helpful and let you know exactly what is going with each stage of my son’s treatment. Words can not express how much we are grateful xx

  • I would like to thank dr Jackie Gregg and dr rizvi for all their help and support regarding my son. He has been through a lot after having MRI brain scans genetic bloods etc. Both dr were fabulous in getting my son his diagnosis. Alder hey have been amazing. Thank you

  • The care my daughter received was amazing,she underwent spinal fusion surgery on 28th June and everyone from the surgical team, to the nurses on ward 4A worked so hard to help her,nothing was too much trouble for them.Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

  • The amazing 3a and it’s fabulous staff helped Luke Gandy above and beyond when it was most needed. The whole team showed outstanding care despite being very busy dealing with a number of complex health conditions and poorly babies, kids and teenagers. They made us smile on some really hard days. Luke and his family THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH.

  • Thank you to the staff in ED and EDU who looked after Benjamin on Wednesday 6 April. It’s always a bit scary coming back to hospital but you made it as straight forward as possible with your kindness and professionalism, thank you.

  • Last 2 months I went to appointment on my hands and feet and I have to say it”s a lot better than the old hospital. For a patient I say it’s very child friendly .

    And Can’t wait to see you again in 2017
    Thank you all again

  • We have been to see a Paediatrician twice about my baby girls reflux – the service we have received from all your staff has been wonderful and so efficient. Everyone we have met has been so kind and patient with all of our questions and concerns and we couldn’t be happier with Alder Hey πŸ™‚

  • you have looked after my sister paige who had arnold charai about 10 days ago and u have been the best she is so much better than before

  • My daughter came in to surgical day case today for a procedure on her eye. I can’t thank or praise the staff on the day case unit enough. They were wonderful from start to finish, everyone staff nurses, student nurses, HCA’s and theatre staff were so kind & friendly and explained everything to my self and my daughter and really helped to out us at ease. Special thanks to the wonderful Mr Nayak who has been so kind and thorough with the care he has provided. Thank you all again.

  • I would just like to give a BIG thank you to all of the staff at Alder Hey who helped care for my youngest daughter in the ICU. You were all so kind, helpful and made us feel more positive whilst we were there. So once again thank you for all your help, your all a credit to the hospital!!

  • Our son Alex came to Alder Hay in November for brain surgery because of his uncontrolled epilepsy. He was admitted on the 23rd of November and was discharged on the 15th of January. The staff from the surgeons to our consultant, to all the doctors and nurses across wards 4a and 4b, the epilepsy team, the physios and the occupational therapists and anyone else I may have forgotten, they were all amazing and Alex wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for every single one of them. Alex had to learn to walk again among other things and he accomplished them so quickly because of the hard work put in by everyone at the hospital. I can’t thank them all enough, they helped us get through a very hard time for our family and now we are able to concentrate on the future. Alex still improves daily and we are very happy to say that he has been seizure free since his operation in November which is something we could of only ever dreamed of. Alex is always asking when we are going back to hospital again and the hospital school, this is a big thing for Alex because previous to this stay, it was hard for Alex to spend longer than 30 minutes in hospital as he couldn’t stand to be there. Thank you all so much! You don’t know what you have done for all of us!

  • A big thank you to all staff not once did we feel lost the first person we met was a man in the atrium who helped us check in he asked us to take a seat and wait for our sons name to come up on the screen . I returned to the same man to ask where we needed to go he not only told us where to go but walked with us to ensure we got to the right place then when it was time for my sons app we received excellent care given a lot of time to take in what we wear being told well done

  • My son Ciaran came for minor ENT surgery today and the whole experience was wonderful. Big thanks to the receptionist.. nurses.. anaesthetists.. surgeons.. ward staff.. you all looked after him so well.

  • It’s a good job there are people on hand in the atrium to assist people with directions or we would have been lost πŸ™‚

  • Big thank you to all the staff at the A & E department for taking care of my Grandson Aaron. The nurses and doctor were brilliant even though they were so busy with all the sick kids presented at reception. Every single child assessed at triage as quick as possible and treated in order of priority. Well done and thank you.
    No stress at all. Then onto Pharmacy dept. Quick and prompt service. Thanks again for the help and support.

  • Thanks to you Alder Hey. I took my son to the AE on 20/01/16 and he had to have an urgent operation. Words can not explain how satisfied I am with your service Thank you. The staff soo kind and proffesional. Both my son and I were in shock on the urgency of the operation and we had an hour to put ourselves together ready for the operation, but the staff made it 100 times better for us through their kindness.My son’s words after the operation” mum I feel so much better, I could not ask for more I wanna hug the surgeon” Thanks again !!!!

  • I would like to thank all the staff in both emergency department and 4C for looking after my little boy Liam. hospital is so nice and my little man is now on the mend.
    So many nice gestures on the ward too staff where so helpful and polite.
    many thanks for all your hard work care and compassion xxxx

  • I forgot to bring my sons major buggy to his appointment today which makes it really quite difficult as he has difficulties going into areas where people are and he is really strong and sometimes difficult to manage when he lays on the floor as he gets so distressed. I was getting my 2 sons something to eat after his appointment and once I finally got the 2 boys there 5 piece lunchbox I realised you could only pay cash at the till. At this point I was ready to burst into tears at the thought of another struggle with my son as I would have to leave lunch boxes to go to cash point. One lady in the queue I presume had seen my earlier struggles and offered to pay for the kids boxes once I had told the lady at till I would leave getting them as my son would struggle to get to cash point. This was such a lovely gesture but I kindly refused. The lady at the till named Jackie then told her colleague she was going and walked with me carrying the boxes so my son would follow her (he would have been upset an not understood if I had left the boxes to go and get money out the bank). My son walked sensibly to the cash point and back and Jackie was talking to them along the way and was such a help. It may not have seemed much to her but too me and my 2 sons it was a massive help and I want to say thank you.

  • my doctor sent me to alder hey to get my 6 week old daughter checked as he thought her stomach looked swollen. all A&E staff inc triage nurse on the 22/12/15 were amazing!! they took my daughter off me asked lots of questions,as they were doing blood tests lumbar punches the lot. she then got sent to ward 4C green, wen the docs came and told me she had citrobatic freudi meningitis, my heart sank. but after 3 weeks of treatment my little girl is ready to go home. I owe all staff who cared an treated Alannah her life, they were all incredible. the triage nurse and doctor that day on A&E what a great job u did to act as quickly as you did with my daughter. but thanks again to all staff on ward 4C Green you are all amazing , especially, Jan, Karen, Danielle, Zoe, ann marie, , francis

  • Just writing to say a massive thank you to the staff at Accident and Emergency this afternoon 11th Jan 2016. In particular a big thanks to staff nurse Natalie who was working on triage.

    Natalie’s positive and friendly manner helped to settle our 2 year old boy which meant he could be examined easily. He’d had a fall and lip was badly cut.

    Fortunately no further treatment was needed, except for an ice lolly given to our boy by Natalie, which made his day.

    Thank you.

  • My son had a vsd repair in 2004 he 12 nearly now and my world 2 fab nurses in icu I will never forget Emma and Cheryl dnt no second names but thank u so much for all u done for my jack thank u to k2 aswell staff r amazing X

  • My daughter age 2yrs got blue lighted from barrow-in-furness hospital to alder hey i felt so lost and scared upset and staff couldnt of more nicer ! Doctor came out his way see us explain everything to us ! I am really thankful to 3a so kind caring helpful hospital is clean even cleaning staff so friendly linda always made isabel smile 😊 ! On 3a have play area and bev really did everthing made isabel happy cant thank you enough ! All staff are amazing on 3a thank you for everything making my girl better specail thank you sarah, hannah,jen leanne this just few names but you all really amazing and are brill at your job huge thank you xx

  • I would like to say a massive thank you to the everyone in A&E on 2nd December for treating my son who had a broken femur so quickly. I truly believe that the way in which he was treated in A&E had a massive impact on his speedy recovery.

    I would also like to thank every single member of staff on ward 4a for the fantastic treatment that we received even the chef for their fantastic food! You made our 2 week stay as pleasurable as could be.

    One last big thank you to Rose and her team for your ongoing support.

    I will never be able able to put into words the gratitude that I have for you all.

  • Grandparents’ experience.
    What shone, throughout the experience of being with grandson as he was looked after in A&E then EDU, was the kindness and professional care provided by all the staff – the reception, the nursing and auxilliary staff, the medics and consultants as well as the folk in the catering and retail units in the Atrium and the volunteers. As if that wasn’t enough, we experienced Donald and Daisy Duck, a lovely carol singing Dickension trio, a wind trio and a choir-led carol sing. All this, against the background of our anxiety about our grandson’s health. Everything was done with great sensitivity and compassion. Without losing sight of security and appropriate checks, we were helped as we navigated our way around the departments that we needed and always treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness by everyone. THANK YOU EVERYONE AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

  • Just had my tonsils out today at the new hospital alder hey. This place is WOOOOOOOOOOW.
    I love my turtle and my fish that I draw. They are in the tank now.
    Thank you for your help and all your support today. From the girl at the desk to the doctor…you are all amazing. Thank you again and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year as I won’t be seeing you so soon

  • I came in Sunday evening with my little girl had bags full of medication and clothes didn’t know where to go. I asked a nurse where b4 was and she helped us to the ward and helped carry my bags what a lovely member of stuff going out of her way to help us means a lot xxxxx

  • The Triage nurse on Sunday night/early hours Monday was so helpful and supportive to us in a stressful situation, I just wanted to say a big thanks from us both πŸ™‚

  • thank you to kate (occupational therapist) for being so understanding with my daughter sarah and I today. at last we feel as if we are getting someone to listen about sarahs ailments. what kate did for our piece of mind in half an hour today another hospital in Wrexham as got know were near it. one lovely understanding lady. hope all was well after we had to get evacuated with the fire alarm going off.well done to all the physio team. your kindness shown towards us both was greatly appreciated.

  • I would like to thank the wonderful staff in phlebotomy on Friday 27th November who ensured having a blood test for the first time was a worry free experience for my 4 year old who has ASD and is non verbal. Special thanks to Sharon Healy, your amazing x

  • I spent a lot of my childhood in and out of Alder Hey, but before that my mum was admitted as a young child with pneumonia where the hospital’s amazing staff brought her back to health after what I’m told was a very scary time. Neither of us would be where we are today without the nurses and doctors of Alder Hey, in particular the nurses of ward K3, their play leader Shirley, Caroline, Dr Rickwood, Mr Turnock. Their kindness, support and dedication are what we’ll always remember. I haven’t been a patient here for a long time but I am now a children’s nurse and hope to be like all the fabulous nurses I met at Alder Hey! Thank you xx

  • I came in yesterday as a day case patient under the care of Mr Bass. This was our first visit to the new hospital and I absolutely love it!
    My favourite part was drawing a fish on the computer and seeing it in the fish tank! that was cool! everyone looked after me so well.
    Thank you xx

  • Just want to thank all the staff in A&E on Wednesday 28th Oct who cared for my son James. Dr Julie ? was brilliant and cared for my son in an excellent manner whilst working out what was wrong. She gave us great confidence that he was going to be ok whilst maintaining a healthy sense of humour! Thank you!

  • The Urology team have been working with us (I don’t want to say treating our daughter because they do SO much more) since our daughter was a few days old, and she is now ready to transition to adult services. They have all been amazing, without exception. The fantastic, dedicated specialist nurses, Caroline Claire, Sarah, Shirley, and the ward staff from K3 (now 3A), the equally fantastic Simon Kenny and the staff who work with him have all given so much time, attention and care to our daughter over the years. They have all gone above and beyond expectations time and again. We are so grateful to them all.

  • Hello everybody I just want to thank all the departments, the nurses & docters like nurse Jackie, nurse Lorraine, Dave & Max etc, who treated & looked after me the last couple of years since I was little at Alder Hey they’ve been a pleasure to be with & were also very warm/wonderful towards me.

    So I want to thank you all for being really lovely, kind & very welcoming/caring while I was there so poorly & ill I couldn’t have gotton through my life without you & my mum, especially you helped her so much even in the worse of times she appreciates it & is greatful of your moral support she couldn’t have possibly done it on her own & I extremely accept it as well.

    I am now a recent new volunteer at the new Alder Hey Children’s hospital where I am enjoying it so far I’m hoping to give something back, & I would like to become a pediatrics nurse in the future since my nan was a nurse & my uncle was a sick patient here they both died from cancer too but I’m still living well.

    I just want to feel honoured & blessed of having such a good family/friends around me who deeply care about you & am pleased, to know how fine I’ve been doing over the years considering how many times I’ve been in/out of hospital because of my illness but also I have a need that I should be carrying on this job.

    Obviously I am going to miss the old Alder Hey hospital since all our good memories & times were there & I have seen the new one which is quite big, bright & very colourful, although it does look more like a hotel or a city rather than a hospital but its for the kids & to benefit them officially I do undrsand the priorities of their needs.

    This is why I truly want to keep on volunteering here so I can grant great, fantastic opportunities, work with young, little children & help out as much as I can give to those that are needed most where I will feel I can succeed independently & happily because kids are worth it more than we’re likely to.

    P.S I can’t wait to see the robots its going to be entertaining & super fun, I wish you all the very best of luck & experience indeed here’s to Alder Hey in the Park special thanks Amber Tahir.

  • Thank you ever so much to all the staff on ward 4C at the new Alder Hey hospital for taking care of our 17 month old daughter Eloise. Eloise was admitted last Thursday with a severe chest infection that was impacting on her breathing. After spending 4 days in the hospital I cant really put it into words how nice ALL of the staff are. I’d particularly like to specifically mention and thank nurse Jan on ward 4C who helped take care of Eloise during the 4 nights we spent at the hospital.

    Thank you Alder Hey.

    P.S. the new building and facilities are absolutely fantastic. You are a credit to the city of Liverpool

  • Thanks alder hey for an amazing stay last June ! , alder hey is the best hospital I’ve visited , ward K3 that no longer exists was the best group of nurses I’ve ever seen !. I’d also like to thank Amy on ward K3 for her amazing work !

  • thank you alder hey especially the new hospital in ward 3a they helped me get better through my operation and my bike incident when it went into my tummy im 11 on sunday and i thought i would never get out untill late last night they let me go home thank you alder hey i will miss you hope you help all the other patients in the hospital aswell as you helped me thank you alder hey and mac house for everything you have done for me and my family i will visit the hospital when i get older and see if it had changed thanks again alder hey i had life saving surgery alder hey saved my life xxxxx

  • My little girl linzi had open heart surgery on the 9th sept 2015, to close ASD, a big thank you to all the cardiac team ,

  • I have had two operations at Alder Hey hospital, one when I was 4 or 5. I had to have a catheter because I had a hole in my heart. The second operation was spinal surgery on 25/3/14. I had scoliosis and had to have two curves straightened on my spine. Throughout both of my operations the staff were very kind and helped me all the way. I am very thankful because if they didn’t help me, I wouldn’t be able to do what I can do now. When/if my sister (who also has scoliosis) needs to have the surgery, she will have I in the new building and will be helped by the lovely staff. Thank you Alder Hey. The new building looks great

  • My Dad who lived in Norris Green as a child was scolded aged 11 and was taken to Alder Hey Hospital during the War years. The hospital was full with wounded American soldiers from the second world war and beds filled the long corridors. He needed a skin graft due to the scalding of his head and forehead and the operation was performed by an American surgeon, my dad was in bandages for 6 weeks and following this operation you could not tell that the accident had ever taken place. John , fathers name was Philip.

  • I’ve had two operations at Alder Hey hospital. My first I had heart surgery and had to have a catheter because I had a hole in my heart when I was 4 or 5. The second was because i had scoliosis and had to have major surgery to straighten the two curves I had in my spine on 25/3/14. Thanks to all the staff and Dr Davidson (surgeon) I am no able to do thing I haven’t been able to for ages. All the staff were lovely and were great help for both of my operations. Thank you so much for helping me and many other children. The new building looks great and hopefully when/if my sister (who also has scoliosis) has to have surgery, she gets to go to Alder Hey to.

  • 60 years ago at the age of 10 I was very ill with rheumatic fever and spent about two months in Alder Hey I have great affection for the old building and would love to visit before they demolsh it.I am very pleased they have invested in this wonderful hospital and wish everyone the best luck Elaine xx

  • May/June 1955. Age 11
    I had a kidney removed whilst in ward E3. Over period of two days I had two operations and could have died. 60 years on I’m still here !!
    I won’t hear a word against Alder Hey
    Good luck in he new venture !

  • When my daughter was eight she broke her wrist quite badly playing on monkey bars. Wonderful Alder Hey fixed it so well she is now a Tailor on Savile Row.. couldn’t have happened without all you did for her. Thank you!

  • I have nothing but praise for all the staff at Alder Hey. 67 years ago, at the age of 4, I had double quinsies which were choking me. I was taken to Alderhey where they operated and saved my life. (apparently I made medical history all those years ago)
    Thank you so very much.
    It will be sad to see the old building demolished, but progress must happen. The new building looks amazing.

  • My 10 year old son received the best care and attention during his planned addmisson for epilespy brain surgery.Dr. Appleton, Harri`s neurologist, has basically given my son a chance to lead a normal life.
    Ms. Sasha Burn, Harri`s Neurosurgeon, made that happen with her experience, calm and approachable nature.
    What a wonderful team to have on your side
    Words cannot express our gratitude.

  • Molly had scoliosis ( curvature of the spine ) and on the 1/10/14 she had major spinal surgery to “fix “the 69 degree curve !!
    From the first meeting with Mr De Matus , to meeting Lisa O’Shaunessey ( our spinal specialist nurse , ) to being admitted to E2 ward , and then our surgeon Mr Neil Davidson , we couldn’t have asked for anything more .Also , we have to mention the fabulous X Ray team . The support and care we received was second to none . All the staff on the ward helped a very traumatised Mum deal with what was happening to her daughter with a calming and supportive word when needed and for Molly , a personal hairdresser on tap ( her favourite nurse Millie ) and the care given was amazing .Molly had to be prised out of the bed to go home , as she loved all the attention and care she was receiving . We are so proud to have this hospital in our home town . Thank you Alder Hey for all the excellent care and attention you gave us at a very stressful time for all of our family .

  • I would like to say a massive thank you to the staff on MAU2. My daughter Isabella had been very poorly and the nurses mainly (Zoe) took her under their wing and looked after her. And the biggest thank you to Dr camerova who I cannot thank enough for doing everything possible for Isabella noticing all the signs no one else did and finding out she had meningitis. Myself and Isabella’s family literally cannot thank her enough for her continued commiment to Isabella’s case. Dr camerova will always hold a very special place in my heart.

  • Thanks alder hey for a lovely stay you’re all and amazing crew but an amazing thanks to ward K3 they were amazing , Amy at ward K3 is the best nurse I’ve seen.

  • I would like to say massive thanks to all on the icu unit and the neonatal ward for looking after my grandson Emmett. He is now home with us he couldn’t have had better care.

  • I brought my daughter into Alder Hey as she had had a Febrile Convulsion. (which I didn’t know at the time and I am not embarrassed to say I was panicking). The team in A&E took over in seconds, within half an hour my daughter was looking at lot better and I had been calmed down by the staff. They were all absolutely amazing. We did stay in for a week in MAU2 and all the staff were just amazing there, everyone was so helpful and although it was distressing for myself and my partner to watch, they all looked after my daughter the best way they could. Alder Hey Hospital is such an amazing place and we are lucky to have it on our doorstep – and I plan to raise a lot more money in the future to help in anyway I can. I am so grateful of all their help. xx

  • Sophia Florence was born a healthy little girl in August 2013, but she was loosing weight and became quite poorly with breathing difficulties when she was 7 months old. She was diagnosed with a PDA heart condition and spent 10 days in hospital gaining her strength, before receiving open heart surgery in May 2014. She was initially due to receive key hole surgery but with complications the surgeons needed to quickly react and give her more extensive surgery. One hour turned into several hours in theatre.

    It is the anniversary of Sophia Florence’s heart surgery tomorrow and we recently got the great news we have been discharged for two years from the cardiac team. I want to send such heartfelt thanks to all the cardiac team at Alder Hey. I also want to send a massive thank you to Eileen Burns in a&e. Eileen was the first person we seen when Sophia Florence was rushed in by ambulance. She was great and really looked after us. We have kept in touch since to let her know how Sophia Florence is doing but Eileen was not around on our last visit when she was discharged for 2 years. We just thank you all from the bottom of our heart for saving our little girl, who is now a cheeky and funny little character and not a weak and underweight little baby girl!

  • I would like to thank all the staff at the dermatology department for helping my daughter Louise over the last 2 years in getting her Nodular prurigo under control. She cant wait to wear shorts and show off her legs on our holiday, thanks once again

  • i would like to say thankyou to mr trivedi for helping me with my back thank you so much

  • I unfortunately lost my son at Alder Hey with a very serious heart condition at six months old and was again unfortunately involved in the organ scandal,i would just like to say how fantastic all the staff were during my sons all too short life,the staff were the best you could have wished for when i was there ,and a special mention for Sister Wyn who was on M 2 during our time there and Dr Peart my sons consultant

  • My daughter Natalie has just had surgery to remove obstruction in her bowel. I would like to thank the amazing staff on M3 and all the doctors especially Mr Baillie who always looks after us. Words can never say how grateful we are

  • Our son was recently diagnosed with a mid brain tumor and hydrocephalus. The treatment and care that he received was world class. Dr Conor melluci and Dr Matt Bailey and the whole neurosurgical team really do perform miracles everyday. We can never thank them enough for all that they did for our son. We were always kept informed and were listened to and had a massive amount of trust and belief in our surgical team. Also for all of their amazing care we thank the team of nurses, especially Mandy, Anthony, Emma, Emma and Emma, Sinead, Deborah and Ursula for whom nothing was ever too much trouble. We can never repay your kindness but wil always think of you as our Alder Hey family.

  • Just like to say huge thank you to the doctors and nurses at Alder Hey. I had 3 open heart surgeries here and they do a brilliant job! Keep up the good work guys x

  • wen I was about 12years old I all most pasted away but alder hay made me well again so a big thank you from me . Ps am 50 years old now . William monks

  • Where do i start with my thanks
    My son kurtis was diagnosed with type 1diabetes in1998 at the age of 2.Without a doubt i felt like my sons life was turned upside down but the amazing diabetic team soon showed us the way forward.Special thanks go to catriona hurley diabetic nurse friend teacher and shoulder when needed. My son is now 19 years of age and is still a part of alderhey.Many thanks for the many MRI scans ongoing physio
    Thanks to Mr Bruce ortho surgeon Dr Pain and jane in rheumatology all the guys in plaster room who still have a smile after years with my son.
    many thanks to anna simmons for all her time with kurt.My son will soon be off to adult services and both myself and my son will miss everyone in the hospital it realy is our second home.
    Thanks a million all xxxxxxx

  • i would just like to say a big thanks to alder hey for saving my life i wouldnt bear hear if you hadent done an amazing job .when i was ten years old i had a nit infection which ment that in was really poorly but i am fully recovered now . i was in intensive care for 2 weeks and then moved on to the ward for a week i would just THANK ALL THE STAFF FOR THEIR SUPPORT . thank you ever sooo much xxxxxxx

  • A massive thank you to all those on k1 day ward that looked after my disabled daughter Layla lee today . You care was outstanding , she was very upset and a room was arranged for her . Thank you so much . Special thanks to Tasha , I have tweeted this as well .

  • I would like to say a massive thank you to all nurses and consultants who looked after my little boy when we had to bring him in to see the plastics team over Christmas for surgery. Everyone we met was so nice and reassuring, it really put us at ease as a family knowing the care our 2 year old son was getting was the best.

  • I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to the team on K2, the team on intensive care and the surgeon and nurses on theater for everything they did for my beautiful brave girl, she underwent open heart surgery and pulled through superbly, I could never say a bad word about this hospital and the nurses they did everything they could for her and now she is fighting strong because of what they did for her, she will be 1 in 4 months we are so proud of her and we wouldn’t have seen that with her if it wasn’t for every ones help, so i’d like to say THANK YOU from the Moulton family.

  • I just want to say a BIG thankyou to Alderhey for looking after my son when he was just 9 days old who had to stay over for 2 nights. The nursers in the a&e department and also all the nursers who cared for my son on the MAU1 ward where fantastic I couldn’t of got through it without their support. Thanks very much for looking after my son and giving him the best care.

  • It is nearly 2 years since our son, Rory, was diagnosed with a brain tumour the week before Christmas and a few weeks before his 6th birthday. We will never be able to thank all the doctors and nurses enough for the outstanding care they gave him in the weeks and months that followed that saved his life. The neuro-oncology team were truly amazing. In addition to that though every effort was made to give Rory the best Christmas possible in spite of his illness and the treatment he was having. He met Santa several times and even received an extra bag of presents! Alder Hey is a very special hospital. Thank you.

  • My great neice, Isabella, was born with her bowel outside her body and was immediately transferred from Wrexham to Alder Hey. She had surgery to put the bowel back in place, with no scar at all as the bowel was put back through the naval, and was at Alder Hey for several weeks. My neice stayed at the hospital with her and my sister also stayed for a week. I visited several times and the staff were lovely, attentive and caring. The whole experience was made so much more bearable for Claire, my neice, because of the support and care both she and Isabella received. Alder Hey is a marvellous hospital with wonderful staff. Isabella is such a happy little thing and utterly gorgeous. Thank you for everything you do.

  • I was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2003 and was treated at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. They were absolutely amazing. They saved my life. I had many illnesses during my treatment for ALL including brain injuries, that were all treated here and I have recovered, all thanks to this hospital. The doctors and nurses on the Oncology War were brilliant. Thank you so much.

  • I took my son who was two at the time to alder hey back in January were they diagnosed him with type 1 diabetes. Obviously this was a hard time for me and my partner but the ongoing support we have received from the diabetic team have been amazing! We would of struggled so much without their ongoing support. Dylan is a happy little boy because od them which makes us a happy family. We are so lucky to have a local hospital like Alder Hey. xx

  • I have been referred to alder hey for about 3 years now and I just love all the kind nurses and staff! They are really helpful! I regularly visit but I enjoy it and I don’t feel like it’s a hospital! It’s great! Alyssia xx

  • I was born in October 1971 (11th) suffering from Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, and transferred from Sharoe Green Hospital in Preston where I underwent life safe saving surgeries (back closure, and a VA shunt for the Hydrocephalus) performed by my incredible Dr – Dr Mawdsley, who I saw regularly for the first 17 years of my life, I was heartbroken when I was discharged ‘into the adult world’.

    Each and everyone if you are incredible, and if it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t soon be celebrating my 43rd birthday.


  • I would like to thank all the staff at alder hey for what they have done for me . I was recently diagnosed with A.L.L the treatment and support that have been given to me has been amazing the doctors and nurses are always reassuring and treat me with a lot of respect I am still undergoing treatment and care and I return to alder hey regularly thank you so much for all you have done for me and are still Lucy xxx

  • I will always be grateful for the care that the Dermatology Nurses: Debbie Woodcock and Amy Bishop showed me throughout my time at Alder Hey.

    They never failed to make me laugh or smile and have made this tough experience easier for me as I could rely on them to make me feel better and know that my skin would get better.

    Thank you ever so much for the dedication you showed over the last few weeks to ensure that I have perfect skin.


    Thank You,
    Caitriona πŸ™‚ xxx

  • It was one year ago today that Conor Mallucci and the neurosurgery team saved my sons life. I will be forever grateful and will always remember the brilliant team at Alder Hey Hospital.

  • My daughter has just started to bring my grandson to Alder hey. It is going to be until he is at least sixteen he is two now. My daughter has had a terrible time for the past two years. Going to Alder-hey has made such a massive difference not only to my grandson but the rest of the family. My daughter feels a bit more relaxed and my grandsons’s nurse Cath has been amazing. My daughter finds that staff listen to her concerns and respect her knowledge of her sons condition. Fantastic.

  • I shall be forever grateful for the care that was given to my granddaughter Evie Lake Aug 2014.
    She was in ward K3 for 12 days.
    What a caring, professional team of people you have who made a difficult situation into a bearable one. I cannot single one person out as all were brilliant
    Forever in debt to you all
    Thank you
    Karen Perry

  • please can you pass on my thanks to the security staff of Sean, Tony, Steve and Tucker who made a very difficult situation easier during our stay on M3, These guys really do keep you safe and go above and beyond their jobs to protect children and familes, and i am sure very rarely get the thanks they deserve. Well done guys, keep smiling and keep up the excellent work you do us mums really appreciate you so thank you xx

  • My son max got admitted to the neonatal unit a few days after birth, all the staff on the neonatal unit were lovely, I also thought it was very clean πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for looking after him xxxx

  • My 3yr old daughter was admitted to ICU in 2008 with the most unimaginable horrific burns.I would like thank all the different specialist’s surgeons,doctors and all of the ICU staff for giving my daughter their dedicated and unconditional care THANK YOU so much for everything. Alder hey is amazing a precious place with dedicated care.

  • Alder hey looked after my nephew with severe cerebral palsy for best part of a year who we sadly lost on Monday a day before his 11th birthday. You are all do an amazing job and don’t get the credit or realization that you should! We really can’t thank you enough for looking after him and keeping him with us for that little bit longer. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves. Thank you xxx

  • My daughter had a surgery at Alder hey in Liverpool. I was so pleased with the care and attention she was given. Many thanks to all the staff at Alder hey.

  • My 11yr old son was admitted via A&E for emergency surgery last Thursday. We spent Thursday night on ward L2 and thankfully he was well enough to be discharged the next morning.
    The entire team that were involved in his care from Dr’s ‘Sam’ and Elzeneini and nurses Shelly and Ellie were absolutely fantastic.
    My son was not the youngest or the most poorly on the ward, but he was made to feel that the staff were there just for him and they catered to his every need.
    What a fantastic hospital with truely exceptional staff, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

  • My 30 hr old daughter was admired from a&e in July 2013 with an interrupted aortic arch and large vsd…my family and I can’t thank the picu team enough for their care and devotion to our baby. Although jess was sent to London for her operation which was very successful due to the amazing team at the evalina, jess was sent back here to recover and now she is a happy healthy girl. Pete, sally,Emma,Laura b, Laura , Becky, and the rest of the cardiac/ picu team absolutely went above and beyond to get our baby well, also Rachel and the nurses on k2 did just as much for her after her op. Thank you all so much for giving us our daughter her life and getting her home with her sisters. You are all incredible!

  • I had open heart sugery when I was a baby and have been goinh to alderhey ever since seeing the wonderful dr gladman now being 11 I live a fit and healthy life whith my next op in the future

  • You are the best hospital in liverpool

  • I would just like to say what a fantastic hospital Alder Hey is. My daughter was admiitted from A&E in August 2013 with what we thought was a migraine. When then found out she had meningitis and a list of other illness. Which she then spent 3wks in totally on alot of different drugs. Our family would like to say a very very big thank you to all the nursing teams on the various wards she stayed on and to the consultants Dr Tabrez, Dr Mahmood and all his team. To Ian and Ben in A&E. And also to Dr Kneen Neurologist. Without all of their help and support as a family we wouldn’t off been able to get through the difficult times that we faced. Thank you all once again for the bottom of our hearts x

  • Thank you to all of the staff that took care of my precious grandaughter Lilly. You took the time to be very polite and very caring and you stood by my daughter through thick and thin and all the staff on k2 that have taken care of Lilly i thank u very much. Many thanks, j hopper

  • I’d like to say a massive thank you to Mr Clarke who operated on our daughter today. I was put at ease straight away through his very calm way in the anasthetic room and although upset knew my 3 year old was in very good hands. Also big thanks to the nurse who was brilliant with us when we left ellie in the theatre (i didnt get her name) so supportive. Ellie stayed on l2 wonderful staff nothing was too much trouble. A wonderful team of people. Thank you again for making a worrying time a little easier to bare. If it wasnt for Mr Clarke our daughter would be suffering for months thank you from the bottom of my heart x

  • 35 years ago today I was omitted to Alder Hey for a life saving operation at 3 months old.Many thanks goes to the doctors, staff and especially surgeon called Mr Cook at K2 ward back in 1979.Now Im married and my wife is expecting our first child so Im very grateful for Alder Hey and hope my message gives hope to other patients and families.

  • Thank you to all of the doctors and nursing staff in A&E and the Winter Ward who cared for our son, Harry. We had the most terrifying experience of our lives last weekend and were very grateful for all the support we received. Heather, Gary and Harry x

  • I first met Dr Gladman in Manchester Jan 1999 when my son was diagnosed with a heart defect, where he was then transferred to Alder Hey for a heart operation. It was a big shock to find out what was wrong with him. Since his operation we seen Dr Gladman for his check ups at Manchester and Bolton Hospitals. About 3 years later I moved are. When we got an appointment to see someone at Alder Hey I was very pleased to find out He would still see Dr Gladman as he moved hospitals. If it was not for Dr Gladman detecting what was wrong with him then he would not be with us today. Dr Gladman told us he he might not reach a teenager and if he does he will need a heart and lung transplant. Christian is now 15 and has been lucky enough that either has happened.
    Thank you Dr Gladman and all staff from me

  • My daughter Lily-Ella has been under the care of Alder Hey for 5 years now. During that time the treatment she has received has always been second to none.
    All of the staff in the eye clinic (N1) are amazing, Special thanks to Mr Arvind Chandna and Mr Harish Nayak. I’m very grateful for the ongoing care and support we receive, See you soon. Michelle & Lily-Ella. x

  • our time at alder hey was lovely we were well looked after and so was our beautiful little boy the docters and nurses were brilliant and if i had to do what we did again i wouldnt hesitate whilst our time at alder hey we stayed at the ronald mc donald house this was also brilliant and dont no what we would have done if that place wernt there as we were so far away from home so i would just like to thank every one who cared for our son charlie and for ronald mc donald house for our stay

  • Just wanted to say that our family’s thoughts are with everyone who is in hospital over Christmas and New Year. We wish you a full and speedy recovery and hope that you are home with your families as soon as possible. Our thanks to all the staff at Alder Hey for their dedication, for all the shifts and additional hours they put in. The care you gave our son will always be remembered.

  • At the age of 14 months, our grandson was eventually diagnosed with Cor Triatriatrium when he was in heart failure.
    He was transferred to Alder Hey for his operation.
    At the age of 4 he climbed Snowdon! He is 7 yrs now and recently ran 5k in 37 minutes!
    We continually thank Alder Hey for his survival and hope that our message can give hope to others.

  • Our daughter Lottie was born august 2013 and transferred to Alder Hey pretty much straight away where she was diagnosed with Group B Streptococcus. All the staff on ICU and then ward C2 were absolutely amazing not only with Lottie’s recovery but the caring nature they gave to us and all our family. We will always be extremely grateful for everything you did and with all your work we will be enjoying Lottie’s first Christmas xxx

  • At 5 years old, I was a sporty child and loved gymnastics!! And that one day came and my hip was in so much pain I couldn’t resist, my mum diddnt think much of it then she rang an ambulance and I got straight into a&e, I remember been very very nervous and hated needles later on got diagnosed with fluid on my hip bone, the staff were brilliant! Later on in 2013 I have been in and out of a&e over my ankle, the staff have been amazing and have supported me today furthermore because I was very dizzy, I couldn’t say more than thanks to all the staff their amazing xx

  • 4 years ago, I underwent. a shunt pricedure for which I had a 7 day stay at the littlewoods neurosurhical and HDU units. All of the staff were great and I couldn’t thank them enough.

  • Our beautiful daughter Sasha was born Christmas Eve 2011, she was transfered to Alder Hey straight away as had Tracheoesophageal fistula and Anorectal malformation. She was operated on Christmas day by both Dr Matthew Jones & Dr Colin Baillie who gave up their christmas day to help our little girl. We cant thank them enough for mending Sasha, she is now almost 2 and is a happy healthy charming little girl. Staff throughout Alder Hey are fantastic from Drs, Neonatal Nurses, ICU, Wards L2, K2 M3 to name but a few, you should all be so proud of what you do. Thank You just doesnt seem enough xxx

  • Thank you to ms sasha burns and all her team for the amazing work. Our son was diagnosed with 2 carvernomas on his brain this was devastating news to us all. Ms burns and her team operated on him and removed them he is now making a brilliant recovery we are so lucky to have these amazing people on our doorstep and words will never descibe how grateful we are and how amazing these people are and all the staff in the neuro unit thank you xxxx

  • Almost 8 years ago my life changed forever with the birth of my pre term baby daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect. On Christmas eve 2005 the amazing cardiac surgeons and wonderful staff at Alder Hey saved her life. She is now a healthy happy little girl. Although our stay at Alder Hey and at Mc Donald House seems a distant memory I will never forget the people who were involved in the care for my tiny baby girl.

  • Thank you to the whole team at Alder Hey. My daughter was admitted to PICU recently and received the best care possible. She was moved to HDU, then ward M2 and finally, for a lengthy period of time, to M3. The staff on all of these wards were impeccable. Special thanks to Jane on HDU who even visited my daughter on the ward and to Lisa the play specialist who made the days pass less slowly and to too many others to mention by name. My daughter is now home, fit, healthy and well and just attending Plastics and Scar clinics. Thank you x

  • I just want to say how lucky I was to have Dr.James Hayden, as my Consultant Oncologist. I have now successfully completed my Chemo Therapy after my diagnosis of Hodgkinson Lymphoma.
    A massive thank you to all the team in the Teenage Cancer Trust,Clic Sergeant and Macmillan Nurses.Their are far too many individuals I would like to thank but a heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you for your professionalism and dedication.
    We are very lucky to have such genuine dedicated medical professionals working at Alder Hey. Thanks Ellie xxxx.

  • We just wanted to say thank you so much to the fantastic staff at Alder Hey. Our daughter was admitted recently with appendicitis and the treatment she received from the A &E staff and nurses on ward M3 was fantastic. Special thanks to doctors Jess, Ian and Ben and nurses Melissa and Pip on M3. We are so privileged to have this fantastic hospital here in Liverpool, you all do an amazing job. Xx

  • I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff we met in the A&E dept when we visited with our son Will. We spent a night on Ward K3 and the care and treatment we received there was exceptional. Can I say a special thank you to Veronica (K3) who is such a caring nurse and whose lovely friendly manner helped my son with his treatment during his stay. Many thanks to you all. xx

  • I would just like to say a sincere thank you to a very lovely, caring and compassionate Dr in a&e.Our daughter Lucy hurt her knee at school and needed to be seen at alder hey. Lucy was very distressed and anxious due to her having autism, the Dr, who we only know as Eileen, was absolutely fantastic with Lucy and with us.Also the triage nurse was very lovely and caring and even took Lucy and ourselves to the sensory room, which enabled us to help relieve Lucy’s anxieties. Thank you both very much for the care and warmth you displayed to Lucy and ourselves xxx

  • Hi all id like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to all on WARD E3 where my son Joseph has just spent 5 days…although he isnt 100% just yet he is continuing his medication at home and feels much much better since his stay..the nurses were all fabulous and very professional at all times(Joseph took a shine to Heather and Christina the student nurse)..we will drop in a thank you card and some chocs on Tuesday after Joseph has been to see his consultant for his follow up appointment in recognition of all their hard work…thank you once again.xx

  • I’m writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Alder Hey staff who cared for our 14 week old baby boy during his recent stay at your hospital. The care he received was second to none. We cannot thank you enough. The staff on K3 were superb-they were all compassionate,friendly and professional. Our little one’s admission to hospital came as a complete shock to us,and the surgical team were a credit to your hospital,and the care they provided was excellent. This made an extremely traumatic experience so much easier to cope with. Our baby boy isn’t out of the woods just yet,but our Alder Hey experience so far has been tremendous! Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Just want to say a massive thank you to the staff on K2, the cardiac surgeons and Ronald McDonald house. My son has had two open heart surgeries and one cardiac catheter and each time he has been in the staff were fantastic and so friendly, we have been in many hospitals over the last 18 months but Alder Hey has been the best! My son is doing great now! And we look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks. X

  • Massive thank you to all the staff at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital. Riley was admitted on the 7/4/2013 with symptoms my local hospital couldnt diagnose. Riley was very ill with neo natal sepsis to which Alder Hey saved his life. We cant thank you enough, Riley is now fighting fit at home leading a normal baby life at 9 weeks old. Thank you so much for the treatment and the Ronald Mcdonald housing.

  • A big thank you to the haematology treatment centre staff for all their hardwork & commitment to haemophilia services. Our little boy was diagnosed with severe haemophilia in July & with no family history it was a massive shock to us all. The specialist nurses supported us all throughout & we are now learning to do his treatment at home. We can’t thank them enough. thanks to Mr S Donnell as well for the successful surgery he completed for our little boy last week.

  • Thank you to all the staff on ward K1 for your fantastic care you have given Ben over the last 2 years, especially Michelle who has helped Ben through some rough times. We can’t thank you enough – x to Mr Baillie & Mr Hellie for taken such great care of Ben on his many trips to theatre.

  • My 16 month old granddaughter, Rose has just been in Alder Hey for a week when epilepsy was diagnosed and one or two other things. I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the staff on MAU2 for taking such wonderful care of her. Just everyone was so kind, particularly Nurses Anthony and Catherine. Rose means the world to us and a mere thank you is just not enough to say all we would like!!

  • Just want to say how wonderful Alder Hey hospital is! I have a son who has had 3 week long stays in Alder Hey for various illnesses, he has also had his adenoids out there and is currently under Dr Riordan and Dr Paulus regarding his poor immune system. I have been trained to do immunoglobulin infusions at home by the haematology nurses and my son has had numerous blood tests and each and everytime the staff have been brilliant with both him and me as a very anxious mum!

    I have also unfortunately been to the bereavement suite when my 4 week old nephew died and I don’t think my sister who lost her son could have got through the ordeal without their support I know the rest of us couldnt they were also fantastic!

    And finally today I had to visit ENT with my daughter to see Dr Donne who once again was great with my little girl an explained her condition thoroughly and made us confident that she will be looked after the way she should! Amoungst all of the above we have also had many late night trips to A&E an weekend trips to minor injuries with bumps an cuts an not once could I fault Alder Hey!

    The Dr’s and staff deserve more praise than I can give! Thank you!

  • I had open heart surgery in the summer, I can’t thank you enough. How much it means to me, I was well looked after and I was we’ll enough to go home in 6days. I was 18months when I first had my operation there, now my second I was 11. Just thank you so much, to everyone who helped me. You deserve every thanks you get! xxxx

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