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Foundation Trust – Becoming a member

Alder Hey in the ParkAlder Hey became an NHS Foundation Trust in August 2008, giving us the freedom to make our own choices and develop innovative new services that directly benefit local children and families.

The significance of being a Foundation Trust

We’re still a proud part of the NHS and subject to the same high standards and regulations as other hospitals, so there is no reduction in the level of service we provide to patients and families. In fact, Foundation Trust status is only awarded to hospitals who have shown to demonstrate the highest clinical standards, quality leadership and a great record of patient responsiveness and safety.

Benefits of Foundation Trust status

  • Rather than being managed as an NHS Trust by central government, strategic decision-making can be made locally and quickly by a Board of Directors who are focused solely on Alder Hey
  • Any surplus money at the end of each financial year can be invested in services, rather than being returned to government
  • We are able to borrow money for development projects without the approval of the Treasury – Alder Hey in the Park is a great example of working locally with private funders on a significant project
  • People like you can be more involved with the hospital by becoming a member

Becoming a member of Alder Hey

Local people who have an interest in Alder Hey’s plans can become members, leading to opportunities to stand for election to the Council of Governors.

A total of 36 Governors are elected from the membership base and represent patients, parents, partner organisations, staff and the general public. They play a key role in working alongside the Board of Directors to ensure the Trust’s plans are being delivered and that the interests of all stakeholder groups have been considered.

Are you interested in joining thousands of others in becoming a member? It’s free, takes only a few minutes and you can choose your level of involvement.

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