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A Service Of Thanksgiving At Liverpool Cathedral, Sunday 13 September

Service of Thanksgiving at Liverpool Cathedral, Sunday 13 SeptemberOn Friday 2nd October, Alder Hey will be moving into its new hospital, Alder Hey in the Park. Our new hospital will bring together excellent care, technology and design to provide the best possible healing environment for children and their families.

Moving to our new state-of-the-art facility means we will be saying goodbye to the current hospital which has been home to thousands of staff and patients for over 100 years.

To commemorate the move, there will be a Service of Thanksgiving for Alder Hey at Liverpool Cathedral which will give people an opportunity to say goodbye to the current hospital.

Reverend Dave Williams, Lead Chaplain and Spiritual Care Manager at Alder Hey said: “The Service is a chance to pause to remember, to give thanks and to pray for the future of a hospital that is special to so many families.”

The Service will take place at Liverpool Cathedral at 5pm on Sunday 13th September. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Your comments

  • What a wonderful idea for people to give thanks for the old hospital before the new Alder Hey opens. There are members of my family who have positive memories and also some very sad ones. To look forward is to have hope and we can all move on with the new hospital. best wishes. Ann xx

  • Hi work in alderhey for 31 years will there be any days when old staff. Can come in for last look at alder hey before it close it door for new one my mum worked there too and friends who were staff to worked there for long service to . Hope you can help. Thankyou regards Sue Coyle 😃

  • I think this is a lovely idea, I currently work there as a volunteer as I feel I owe so much to the hospital as I lost 2 of my children my 5 month old little girl 1992 and my 5 week baby boy in 2010 so have a lot of memories, the staff and care were amazing and I feel a church service will be beautiful x

  • I have suggested that it would be an ideal time to place The Alder Centre outside the hospital as then all families would be able to visit it! Please can someone respond to me! Thanks!x

  • A wonderful idea. I will check to see if I can view on line. Happy to be part of that history Best wishes as Alder Hey moves forward.

  • What a wonderful idea, 9 years ago next week the surgeons at Alder Hey saved my daughters life. She continues to attend there now and is very excited about the new hospital.

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