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A New Patient Computer System

eprAs part of Alder Hey’s continuing programme of service improvement the Trust is introducing a new Electronic Patient Record System called MEDITECH 6.

We hope the information below will be helpful. If you have any questions or require any further information about MEDITECH 6, please contact the Ward Nurse in Charge or the Department Manager.


Many hospitals are using Electronic Patient Record Systems. Alder Hey has chosen a system called MEDITECH that is used in over 400 other hospitals worldwide.

Why are you introducing this new system?

The MEDITECH 6 system will provide our staff with speedier access to a wider range of patient information and will support the delivery of patient care.

When is the MEDITECH 6 system being implemented?

The system is being implemented on Saturday 20th June 2015.

What difference will it make?

Improved access to patient information will support better care to our patients

Is it a safe system?

Alder Hey uses the most secure systems available today. We abide by the highest international standards and work with technology and security providers of the highest calibre. The data will be more secure than the paper notes we use today. Information can only be shared according to the strict UK laws and regulations that protect our patients.

Will families see a difference?

You may notice new computer equipment is being used, particularly in ward areas. The equipment will help our staff provide improved care to our patients and their families.

How is the Trust supporting staff?

Our staff have received extensive MEDITECH 6 training. However, we anticipate that in the early days certain tasks may take them a little longer. The Trust is continuing to provide support and technical staff will also be on hand to provide any additional help needed.
For further information about the Electronic Patient Care System (EPCS) please email the EPCS team at

Your comments

  • The new appointment system is a joke should go back to old way were they would make it in the clinic you have to wait until the date of your appointment is due for the computer to send a letter out then you ring up to be told 9 weeks wait. The best bit is half the clinics are empty due to this new system not the best idea was it and I believe am not the only one having the same thoughts scrap the system it doesnt work

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