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100 Years Of Alder Hey – Peter’s Story

100 Years of Alder Hey - Your memoriesThroughout our long history, millions of people have visited Alder Hey, including the United States Military during World War One. In this blog series to celebrate Alder Hey’s 100th birthday, we are taking regular trips down memory lane to share your stories of years gone by.

If you have memories or stories of your time at Alder Hey, we’d love to hear them. You can submit your story on our Centenary pages.

In his own words – this is Peter’s story

I was admitted to Alder Hey on the 8th November many years ago with Rheumatic fever, I couldn’t move my legs at all and was quite scared. I was ten.

The nurses who looked after me were brilliant. I remember one day my mum thought I wasn’t getting enough to eat so she brought some sandwiches wrapped in foil and told me to hide them under the sheets and eat them when the nurses where busy…unfortunately straight after visiting ended the two nurses came round to give me a bed bath. They removed the blankets only to find my foil-wrapped butties on my legs and they couldn’t stop laughing!

We had lessons during the day from a teacher and could watch tv til 8pm although sometimes the night nurse would put Match of the Day on for us. I had a few really great nurses , staff nurse Pussey, night nurse Noonan and my favourite was a young nurse called McCall, I was told I was going home for Christmas but would be returning after so nurse McCall asked if she could borrow my book Bonanza (from the tv series) so I lent it to her.

However it transpired I never went back and was nursed from home so I never saw my book or my lovely nurse McCall again!! If she’s still about I would like my book back – I promise I won’t charge her!!

I got on so well with night nurse Noonan that when I left she sent me a gift of hankerchiefs with my name on – how thoughtful.

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